AVID are a U.S. company that create audio and visual production systems. They are at the forefront of the entertainment industry; you can see their solutions being used in most of today’s TV shows, adverts and music. We use them most for their audio apps but they also produce solutions to help with live mixing, graphics, video, storage and media management.

AVID specialize in production technology across a range of media platforms. You may know them due to their famed recording software, Pro Tools. Pro Tools is an extremely powerful, industry-standard production software (and digital audio workstation) that you will find in most studios around the world. They also produce standard notation software Sibelius for your traditional and contemporary composition purposes.

Professionals love their products due to their pro level microphone pre-amps, low latency, high sample rate and robust construction. Their ease of usability and range of functionality make them a favourite among everyone.