Amphenol Audio is one of the country’s largest manufacturers of XLR connectors and adaptors. Their high quality audio connectors are used by professionals around Australia.Just like DJ City, Amphenol Australia is based in Melbourne, Victoria and provides excellence in its field.

An often overlooked aspect of most studio or stage set ups is what are on the end of each and every one of your cables. It is these connectors which provide the so important connection between your devices. Using sub-standard connectors is asking for trouble- they short out, the rust, the gather dust and rubbish, providing a very poor quality of sound and eventually no sound at all and is often very hard to diagnose when something does go wrong. It is this very reason why professional individuals and companies all around the world including DJ City’s very own hire department will only use the very best connectors available. For assurance that the best possible signal transfer is achieved through a sturdy design and rugged reliability- We choose Amphenol connectors and so should you.
If you are making your own custom leads then you simply must work with reliable connectors. Through their research and development, Amphenol has become the industry standard for connectors all around the world- An often overlooked but vital link in the chain of pro audio.