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Pioneer Rekordbox
20th January, 2016

Pioneer Rekordbox

Pioneer Rekordbox, Pioneer have just announced ‘Rekordbox DVS’ system that is now available to download with the new Rekord box 4.1 edition.

DVS  (digital vinyl system) enables the user to use time coded vinyls or cd’s to control and manipulate digital music within real time from your computer. Just like other DVS systems Pioneer have adopted a low latency, high audio quality sound with a highly responsive control vinyl. The DVS System includes multiple cues and effects that any MIDI controller or laptop can control. The MIDI learn allows users to assign there own custom buttons for extra flexibility.

Rekordbox DVS will work with all Pionner DVS compatible mixers and controllers, so it will be an ease to plug and play with your existing Pioneer setup. The new DVS system will be available outright starting from $99 a or a monthly subscription to Rekordbox (9.90/month). If you have just recently bought the DDJ-RZ, good news for you. You will be able to get a free version from here.

These are the mixers that will be available to use with Rekordbox DVS:

  • DJM-900NXS2
  • DJM-900NXS
  • DJM-900SRT
  • DJM-850
  • DJM-750
  • DJM-T1

Just like the other versions of Rekordbox you will still be able sort your music library to perform on a range of DJ hardware, including CDJs, XDJs, controllers and turntables. Pioneer have also exclusive released there own control vinyl for Rekordbox, so other controls vinyls such as Serato or Traktor will not be able to be used with Rekordbox.

DJ City are eager to see how Pioneer will be able to compete with other established DVS Systems as they have a longer track record of having DVS capability. We dont know though Pioneer ay be able to take over the DVS market.

If you would any more information on the DVS pack feel free to contact your friendly staff at DJ City. 

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