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13th February, 2017

Korg have been very busy creating a whole new range of Synthesisers and Music Production Stations which have proven to be very powerful units. Here’s a brief overview of their latest releases!

New Range of Korg Synthesisers!

MS20-Mini White

This Mini White Monophonic Analogue Synthesizer is a special limited edition of the renown MS-20 Mini. It is built to 86% scale, making this MS-20 more portable than ever. Providing powerful vintage sound, from deep, growling basses to crisp, rounded leads, this synth will truly blow you away.

Korg MS-20 Mini White


The new and improved MicroKorg is a powerful 37 key synthesizer and vocoder with a newly built-in 2+1 speaker system. It features power that far exceeds its size and has an elegant white design. With new presets that represent the sounds of a new generation, this synth is both brutal in strength and universal in application.

Korg MicroKorg S


Korg’s Monologue is the next generation of synthesizer. With monophonic analogue sound engine, step sequencer, and a host of controls to warp tweak and create unique sounds, you can take your creativity to the next level. This 25-key, fully programmable monophonic analog synthesizer includes a completely new filter, modulation, drive, and LFO which can generate powerful basses and sharp leads, creating awesome mono sounds that showcase its single-voice design. Available in 5 vibrant, eye-catching colours; Black, Red, Gold, Silver and Blue.

Korg Monologue Silver


Minilogue is a 37 slim-key fully programmable analog polyphonic synthesizer that allows you to create and shape your sounds as fast as you imagine them. Its pair of highly shapable VCOs can shaped with a switchable 2-/4-pole lowpass filter, and there’s plenty of modulation to go around. You can store up to 200 settings, and there are 100 killer presets onboard to fuel your creativity. For the first time on a hardware synth, there’s also a built-in tape-style delay effect and an OLED oscilloscope display. An epic synth that will knock your socks off!


Korg Minilogue

Electribe 2

The Electribe 2 is a synth-based production machine featuring numerous analogue oscillators and a wide variety of filters. It is a 16-part drum machine and groove workstation with 409 analog modeled/PCM sounds. The Electribe really allows for a smooth and functional workflow.

Korg Electribe 2

Volca FM

Korg’s Volca FM is a compact three-voice digital FM synthesizer that completely reproduces the sound engine of a classic FM synthesizer. Built with the unique volca interface making it easy to manipulate distinctive FM sounds. It also includes a 16-step sequencer with new functions such as Warp Active Step and Pattern Chain that let you make even more powerful rhythm patterns.

Korg Volca FM

We already have some of these incredible products in stock and some are on their way! If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or visit us at any DJ City store.

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