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Teenage Engineering OP 1

The Teenage Engineering OP-1 is an ‘all-in-one’ portable synthesizer, sampler and controller designed for modern producers and musicians on the move. Loaded with additional features like a built-in FM radio and an assignable G-force sensor for motion controlled effects, there is quite nothing like it. 

Teenage Engineering has proven that they are innovators in a field where many developers are reminiscing the classic, and the op 1 is a prime example of this. Its modular architecture enables endless sound possibilities without making the workflow complicated or distracting.  While the compact design and real physical interface make it inspiring to create music, no matter who you are or how experienced you are.

Synthesizer and Controllehave 

Built with 10 synthesizer engines, 8 high-quality effects and multiple routable LFO’s, you’ll never hit the wall when it comes to creativity or finding the right sound for the job. Add the unique built-in sequencers on top of that and you’ll understand why so many highly regarded producers and artists hold this little machine so dear.

In controller mode, Teenage Engineering OP-1 turns in to a full-blown MIDI controller, with access to transport (play/stop, rec, rewind and forward, a two-octave keyboard with four endless encoders as well as a sound module that can be controlled from virtually any external software.

4-track tape feature

Record anything you create with the integrated 4-track tape feature. Match the tape speed to the sequencer tempo for some really nice overdubbing, or change the tape-speed while recording, and even record backward in real-time for dynamic time effects. Switch to the 4 channel mixer and add some punch with the built-in EQ and compressor, or create a live mix in album mode on a virtual vinyl.

Works with your other stuff

When you connect OP-1 to a computer using the included USB cable, the OP-1 shows up as a MIDI controller or a storage device. Allowing you to use your OP-1 within your preferred DAW, no additional software or drivers needed. Just drag and drop audio files between your computer and the OP-1. All 4 tape tracks are available as well as the drum and synthesizer samples.


Chasing an op 1 australia? They can be hard to track down at the best of times, with finding a teenage engineering op-1 australia is most impossible. We are here to help though pop into your local store or shoot us a message, our team at DJ city is ready to help you.

  • Synthesizer, Sampler & Controller
  • 8 Built-In Engines
  • Real-Time Control Modulation
  • ADSR Type Envelope
  • 4-Channel Mixer
  • 4-Track Tape Recorder
  • 3-Axis G-Force Sensor
  • Color Coded Interface
  • AMOLED Display
  • 16-Hour Battery Life


Sound Engine Type(s): 8 x Digital, 2 x Sampling

Number of Keys: 24

Other Controllers: 1 x Variable, 1 x 3-Axis Motion Sensor (G-Force)

Polyphony: 24 Notes

Wave Memory: 512MB

Number of Effects: 5+

Effects Types: Classic Delay, Hacked Phone, Punch, Grid Based Echo, Spring Reverb

Sampling: Yes

Audio Playback: 4-track Playback (RAM)

Sequencer: 1 x Pattern, 1 x Endless, 1 x Tombola Random Sequence Generator

Audio Inputs: 1 x 1/8″ (Stereo)

Audio Outputs: 1 x 1/8″ (Stereo)

USB: 1 x Mini-B


Power Supply: 16-hour Battery

Dimensions: 282 x 102 x 13.5 mm


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