TC Electronic DITTO+ LOOPER Guitar Pedal

DITTO+’s extensive memory bank with 99 slots is like a personal library of loop sessions, making your songwriting process much more intuitive. Now you can easily record your thundering riffs, or store your favourite backing-tracks to solo over!


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TC Electronic DITTO+ LOOPER Guitar Pedal

The original TC Electronic DITTO LOOPER carved out a unique space in the world of guitar pedals. By distilling the very essence of looping into a tiny, high-quality stompbox with an extremely intuitive interface it continues to define the way we perceive guitar loopers to this day. DITTO+ takes all of the functionality that you know and love from the original DITTO and expands it with a little extra.

With the ability to store and recall up to 99 loop sessions, easy track importing/exporting and the all-new Extended Loop Mode feature, DITTO+ offers the discerning guitar player a little more of everything.

Keep Track of Your Tracks

You never know when inspiration might strike – you just have to be prepared for when it does. When that divine hammer stroke of genius hits you square in the ear and the next epic riff rears its beautiful face you simply have to be ready to catch it lest you forget.

DITTO+’s extensive memory bank with 99 memory slots is like a library of loop sessions at your disposal. This makes the entire songwriting process much more intuitive. Just record your new song idea, store it and move on to the next jam.

Dynamically DITTO+ LOOPER

The new groundbreaking Extended Loop Mode lets you put longer overdubs on top of shorter loops by stacking the short ones together side by side. Confused? An example will help: Imagine you’re cooking up a cool little funk progression over a few bars. You’ve laid down your first loop and you’re about to season it with a generous sprinkle of nickel-plated fairy dust.

BUT that tasty melody line in your head develops over several whole loop progressions instead of just one! Enter Extended Loop Mode: When you start the overdub, DITTO+ repeats the first loop progression until you’re done before sewing it all together as one.

That’s Your Cue!

Hitting the footswitch right on the beat while ripping through a complex overdub can feel impossible at times. The good news is that with DITTO+’s Extended Loop Mode you don’t actually have to! As soon as you’re on the last turnaround, hitting the footswitch lets you cue the end of the dub without actually hitting on the beat.

DITTO+ recognizes each time the first loop progression restarts. Therefore, when you’re entering the last loop repetition, hit the footswitch to cue that this is the final turnaround. Looping just got a whole lot easier!

Look Where You’re Going!

Keeping in sync with your loops is easier than ever with DITTO+’s bright hi-res color display. One quick glance and you’ll know exactly where you are. It also gives you instant access to your loop session library. Therefore, letting you cycle through all your tracks with the two selector buttons.

Time Is On Your Side

There’s nothing worse than running out of road, when you’re getting in the groove and the licks starts flowing. With an hour of high-resolution looping available, DITTO+ always has time for you. In fact, you could probably fit in all your loop sessions for live performances.

DITTO+ LOOPER Key Highlights:

  • Store and recall up to 99 of your favourite loop sessions
  • 60-minute recording time means you’ll never run out of space for loops
  • DITTO mode retains all functionality and control from our original DITTO looper pedal
  • Store and recall up to 99 of your favorite loop sessions
  • 60-minute recording time means you’ll never run out of space for loops
  • DITTO mode retains all functionality and control from our original DITTO looper pedal
  • Extend loop mode lets you lay down long dubs over short loops
  • Auto Cue in Extend Loop Mode allows for easy wrap-around timing
  • Import and export loop sessions and backing tracks via USB
  • Unlimited overdubs and undo/ redo for total creative freedom
  • Hi-Res color display provides detailed real-time looping information
  • 24-bit uncompressed audio for ultimate sound quality
  • Internal memory retains loops after powering down
  • Analog-Dry-Through maintains integrity of dry signal even when effect is on
  • Ultra-small enclosure easily fits on any pedal board
  • True bypass retains signal integrity when pedal is not in use
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