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Vonyx SPS122

The Vonyx SPS122 is a unique 12″ 700W speaker set in a strong ABS housing, consisting of a powerful 12″ active speaker paired up with a 12″ passive one. Comes with two stands and 5m cable. The mixer on the backside makes provision for an equalised sound. Ideal for mobile use. Supplied as a set in one carton.


Please Note: Skytec is currently re-branding to Vonyx. Some speakers may still feature the old Skytec logo but the quality and specifications remain identical.

  • 1x 12″ Amplified Speaker
  • 1x 12″ Passive Speaker
  • Set of speaker stands 1.8m height
  • 5m Speaker cable (jack-jack)
  • Equalizer on back
  • Line and microphone inputs
  • Plug and Play unit
  • Supplied as a set in one carton


Model: Active & passive
Power max.: 700W
Output power: 350W
Impedance: 8 Ohm
Frequency response: 50Hz – 20kHz
SPL max: 122dB
Woofer: 12″
Horn: 1″ Piezo
Top hat: Yes
Supplied: Per set in one carton
Power supply: 220-240Vac / 50Hz
Dimensions: 120 x 38 x 38cm
Weight per set: 29kg


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