Nektar WIDIFLEX Wireless MIDI Solution

Nektar WIDIFLEX provides wireless MIDI solutions for your MIDI recording setup. Go wireless and get rid of those MIDI cables!

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Nektar WIDIFLEX Wireless MIDI Solution

Nektar WIDIFLEX is a set of two MIDI DIN plugs. Bluetooth functionality is built into the larger plug that connects to your gear’s MIDI Out socket. Hence, you won’t even need to worry about external power: WIDIFLEX is powered from your gear’s MIDI Out socket!

MIDI Cables Gone Wireless

Connect regular MIDI gear, such as synthesizers or drum machines, via superfast Bluetooth BLE MIDI by simply plugging WIDIFLEX into your gear’s MIDI sockets. Create wireless instrument-to-instrument connections or wireless MIDI groups – even without computers. All of this with ultra-low latency and lots of range – a great solution for both studio and live use.

How It Works:

For a direct MIDI-to-MIDI connection, simply plug a second WIDIFLEX set into the gear you want to connect with. Automatic Pairing will auto-connect both devices, and you are good to go with full bi-directional transmission of all MIDI data, including MIDI Clock and MPE.

Computer Intergration

For a Computer-to-MIDI connection with current Mac OS computers or iOS, you can pair WIDIFLEX with their built-in Bluetooth right away. On Windows, you might need to add a WIDIFLEX USB: Once plugged in, it auto-connnects to your WIDIFLEX, and the new MIDI port becomes visible in your DAW.


Also, WIDIFLEX supports Bluetooth (BLE) to MIDI connections. Therefore, you can pair Bluetooth MIDI controllers with your stage piano and play from the front of the stage!

Wireless MIDI Crew

Connect up to 5 WIDI devices: WIDIFLEX can do a lot more than just provide one wireless MIDI connection via Bluetooth: Create multiple fixed pairs and also WIDI groups of up to 5 devices, as shown further below.

WIDIFLEX – In The Box:

  • WIDIFLEX Bluetooth LE MIDI DIN device (output)
  • MIDI DIN -> 1/8″ TRS jack adapter cable (input)
  • Quick Start User Guide
  • Bluetooth 5: Secure connection for live & stage with 2x the speed and 4x the range of earlier Bluetooth versions.
  • SCA Technology: Unique Smart Connectivity Algorithms for optimized WIDI performance
  • Ultra-low 3 ms latency: ground breaking latency reduction
  • Automatic Pairing: Instant setup
  • WIDI Groups: Up to 5 devices
  • MIDI Clock and SysEx: Transmission of all MIDI messages over Bluetooth including MPE
  • Free iOS/Android WIDI App: Use the CME “WIDI App” to manage your settings and groups easily
  • No external power: Supports 5V and 3.3V via MIDI Out Din

Technology: Bluetooth 5, MIDI over Bluetooth LE
100% MIDI compatible: Transmits all MIDI data including MIDI clock, SysEx, and MPE
Latency: As low as 3ms (tested with 2 paired WIDIFLEX devices).
Range: 20 meters / 65 feet without obstruction.
Automatic pairing, also with standard BLE MIDI controllers
Compatibility: All WIDI devices (including CME and Artesia Pro), Bluetooth MIDI controllers, Mac, iPhone, iPad with Bluetooth 4.0 or later.
Compatible OS: iOS 8 or later, Mac OS Yosemite or later, any MIDI OS* (Windows/Linux) if paired with optional WIDIFLEX USB.
Connectors: MIDI in/out (5-pin DIN). WIDIFLEX MIDI out connector must always be connected, MIDI in is optional for bi-directional transmission.
Firmware update: Wireless via CME WIDI APP (iOS/Android)
Power Supply: 5V/3.3V via the host device’s MIDI out.
Weight & Dimensions: Main device: 12 g, 21 x 21 x 49 mm, Sub device: 11 g, 18 x 18 x 24 mm.

For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website.