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Nashua 500 Gaffer Tape

Nashua 500 Gaffer Tape 48mm x 40m – Matte Black; is the latest addition to the industry standard gaffer range from Nashua. Already a staple in creative tool kits across the entire spectrum… There is no other solution when you need some gaff! This new matt finish from Nashua adds a non-reflective option that is equally as strong yet even harder to see amongst decor.

The Nashua 500 Gaffer Tape 48mm x 40m – Matte Black is strong, easily tearable to length, & matt meaning the finish of the tape will not reflect light and will remove cleanly, and Nashua 500 Gaffer Tape is not slippery.  It can be used for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications, its resistant to moisture and solvents as well as abrasion. Where NASHUA500MB tape really excels is the extreme strength, with a high tack adhesive that is suited to a variety of surfaces. Making sticking cables firmly to the ground easy and the finish of the tape is camouflaged so well, you’ll hardly see it at all.

The economy Gaffer tape for TV, film, photographic and lighting as the matte finish does not reflect light. 500 can be used for bookbinding & seam reinforcement along with wrapping or bundling wires, metals & plastics. Ideally suited for protecting and anchoring wiring for photography, film, live entertainment, meetings and conventions

Also, it can easily be removed and won’t leave sticky residue behind. Gaff! A solution for so many things!

  • Industry standard tape made from heavy-duty cloth and non-permanent adhesive.
  • It measures 48 mm x 40 m.
  • It’s more practical to use this tape without a dispenser as it can be torn easily and evenly by hand.
  • This tape protects cables on the floor and reduces the chance of people tripping on them.
  • The tape can be written on so you can easily identify which cables are which.
  • This tape is black.


Brand: Nashua

Colour: Black

Material: Gaffer tape

Tape Length: 40 m

Tape Type: Cloth

Tape Width: 48 mm