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The Lambda Desktop Recording Studio system includes everything needed for portable and professional recordings, including the Lambda Studio USB I/O mixer, Steinberg’s Cubase LE multi-track PC and Mac OS X recording software as well as the Lexicon Pantheon reverb VST plug-in.

As with all the recording solutions from Lexicon Pro, the Lambda Studio and Omega Studio hardware can be used with almost any recording and sequencing software the user prefers. Rounding out the Lambda Studio package, the acclaimed Pantheon VST reverb plug-in offers a wealth of factory programs drawing from the respected Lexicon heritage.

With the Omega Studio, Lexicon set new standards for quality and capability in a USB-based audio recording system.

Now with the Lambda Studio, Lexicon has taken that quality and power and made it accessible to musicians and recording enthusiasts at unprecedented price points.

  • Two low-noise mic preamplifiers
  • Phantom power for condenser mics
  • High-impedance front panel input
  • Separate mic and line level input controls
  • Monitor mix control between live input and playback
  • Stereo or mono switch
  • 2-channel, 4-segment bar graph meter
  • High-powered headphone amp offers ultra-clear fidelity
  • RF filtered and TRS Balanced Line outputs
  • TRS inserts let you add your favourite outboard processors



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