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Gravity GSACC35B

The Gravity GSACC35B is a pair of speaker stand cable clips. Specifically designed to keep your cables neat and tidy on your speaker stand or lighting stand, making your cables neater easier to manage. The Gravity clips are made from high quality ABS plastic and designed to fit a standard 35mm pole. With a specialised cable channel to securely hold your audio, DMX, or power cables in place without pulling or stressing your connections.

The must have accessory for audio / lighting professional, DJ, band, and anyone wanting a more professional look for your set up. Sold as a pair

  • Cable clips for 35 mm tubing
  • Large 24 x 16 mm outside cable duct
  • Tight, secure fit
  • Made of durable ABS


Product type: Cable clip

Material: Plastic (ABS)

Colour: black

Height: 35mm

For tube diameter: 35 – 34mm

Cable duct width: 24mm

Cable duct depth: 16mm


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