DJ Tech Tools Chroma Caps Pack for DDJ-SB3

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This DJ Tech Tools Chroma Caps pack gives you everything you need to transform your DDJ-SB3’s knobs and faders.

For custom colour combinations, simply select custom and make sure you fill out the custom order form here

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DJ Tech Tools Chroma Caps Pack for DDJ-SB3

This DJ Tech Tools Chroma Caps pack gives you everything you need to transform your DDJ-SB3’s knobs and faders. You’ll get 14 of the Chroma Caps super knobs as well as 3 Rubber Faders to complete the set that will fit perfectly on your DDJ-SB3

Chroma Caps

The DJ Tech Tools line of Chroma Caps offer the perfect solution for replacing and customizing the stock standard Knobs and Faders on your DJ Equipment. Your music isn’t plain, so why should your caps be? Available in 8 different colours, Chroma Caps allow you to take complete control of your style on stage.

For full compatibility information, see the datasheet here.

Boasting a number of vivid colours, Chroma Caps will ensure your gear stands out when you’re in clubs and on stage. While the soft rubber exterior make the knobs super grippable and easy to control.

Completely Redesigned, More Playable Knobs

Every last detail on the Chroma Caps has been designed to increase playability. Including rounded corners, softer rubber for comfort, bright colours, and large clear markers. Offering better visibility, as well as increased width for a more natural grip.

Super Knobs You Can See In a Club

There’s nothing worse than killing the dance floor because you mistake the gain from the EQ knob. Thanks to Chroma Caps Super Knob’s, that’s no longer an issue. Available in a number of bright colours including glow in the dark and UV reactive blends; ensuring your knobs and faders pop under black lights. So there’ll be no more needless mistakes!

Label Functions By Color

For more playable gear, Chroma Caps give you the ability to label your functions by colour. Making it 10x easier to tell your EQ from your filter when everything’s labeled by colour. So you can focus solely on the music, rather than the lighting. All while adding a nice personal touch to your precious gear and DJ equipment.

Above all, Chroma Caps are extremely easy to install, requiring no expertise or hardware. Simply remove your old knobs using a small coin to lever them off without bending the shaft. Perfect for DJ Knobs, Mixer Knobs, DJ Mixers, replacement knobs, Pioneer DJ Knobs, EQ knobs, and Potentiometer knobs.

For custom colour combinations and controller sets, please select custom from the dropdown. You’ll then be prompted with a custom form to fill in at the checkout.

Alternatively, contact our friendly staff for custom controller packs!

Select your custom colours!

  • Completely redesigned, playable knobs
  • Knobs you can see in the club
  • Label functions by colour
  • Chroma caps are very easy to install and require no expertise or hardware. To remove your old knobs use a small coin to lever them off without bending the shaft.
  • People commonly use Chroma caps as: DJ knobs, Mixer knobs, on DJ mixers, as replacement knobs, as Pioneer knobs, as EQ knobs, and as Potentiometer knobs. Chroma Caps are great DJ Accessories

See here for all compatible devices

For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website.