Akai APC MINI-MK2 USB Button Clip Launcher for Ableton Live

The APC MINI-MK2 clip launching controller for Ableton Live is the ultimate compact solution for music creation in any environment. It delivers dynamic control of your Ableton Live sessions in a powerful yet efficient footprint, perfect for creative looping, remixing, and experimenting in the studio or on the stage.

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Akai APC-MINI MK2 USB Button Clip Launcher for Ableton Live

Akai APC MINI-MK2 features 64 new RGB-backlit pads for a brilliant and precise representation of your Ableton Live session clips. Whether in the studio or on stage, the scrollable RGB-enabled pad matrix will boldly shine through. In the heart of your most creative moment, launch and activate loops, instruments, vocals, and more with confidence.

Launch an Immersive Music-Creation Experience

Above all, APC MINI-MK2 allows you to trigger individual loops, samples, and melodies or entire Scenes. That way you can create the most imaginative and inspirational music creation performances. Even with your largest projects, the 64 RGB-backlit pads across the customizable 8×8 grid accurately reflect clips from your Ableton Live Session and are always within reach for the ultimate creative experience.

A More Powerful Ableton Experience

Enjoy serious hands-on control for a powerfully creative Ableton Live experience. Also, APC MINI-MK2 features 9 faders to adjust volume, pan, insert effect sends and more for smooth, intuitive control of your sessions. Specifically, tweak reverbs, sweep filters, or write automation that will bring your music to life. Shape your sounds instantly using the assignable fader controls.

Precise Intuitive Control

Create your own distinct sounds with ease. With Device Mode, the APC MINI-MK2 faders are automatically mapped to the eight Macro Controls of Ableton Live’s selected device. Furthermore, control multiple parameters with one fader to generate totally innovative sounds. Get more hands-on control with Soft Keys for easy access to Solo, Mute, Stop and Record arm functions.

Drum Mode for Ableton Drum Rack

Drum Mode provides seamless integration with Ableton’s Drum Rack isolating a 4×4 quadrant of the APC Mini to control Ableton, while still giving you the ability to assign the remaining pads. This allows for ultra-customized pad layouts and equally inventive and creative performances—not achievable with any other APC controller.

Real-Time Key and Scale Control

The Smart Scale View provides instant visual feedback while you change keys or scale types. In this mode, the musical key currently selected is also visible across the pads to ensure you know what scale you’re in.

Also, the Notes Mode delivers a new performance workflow, allowing you to play pitch-perfect musical parts in Ableton without playing the wrong notes.

Launch With Ableton Live Lite

APC MINI-MK2 includes Ableton Live Lite software. Start creating and making music with this powerful clip-launching DAW packed with instruments, mixing effects, samples, and the ability to record and mix audio and MIDI. In fact, Ableton Live Lite offers all the tools to transform your musical ideas into exciting songs and performances.

Elevate Your Sound With Air

Elevate your sound with the included virtual instrument pack from award-winning sound design company AIR Music Technology. Additionally, APC MINI-MK2 also includes multiple world-class plugin instruments including Hybrid 3, Mini Grand and Velvet.


  • Drum Mode –  Drum sample mode featuring seamless integration with Ableton Drum Rack.
  • Notes Mode – Melodic control of plugin instruments and sounds for inspirational performances.
  • Smart Scale Mode – Visual feedback of the current Note Mode key across the 8×8 pad matrix.
  • 8×8 Pad Grid Matrix Featuring 64 RGB-Backlit Pads
  • 9 Assignable Faders
  • Smart Scale View Mode for Real-time Project Feedback
  • Note and Drum Modes for the Most Playable Pads and Inspired Performances
  • Dedicated Scene Launch Buttons
  • 4 Directional Arrows to Navigate Clip Matrix
  • Includes Ableton Live Lite and AIR Music Tech. Production Software (Mac/PC)

Power: USB-bus-powered
Dimensions: 240 x 210 x 32 mm
Weight: 0.81 kg

For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website.