6 Inch Monitors

Elite 6 Inch Monitors, ideal for recording and production applications. 6 inch powered monitors will give your studio a full sound, perfect for mixing and production.

For accurate reference monitoring, you need great quality studio monitors. For all your studio recording, rehearsing and production needs, these studio speakers are crucial.

What separates speaker monitors from your average pair of hi-fi speakers is the sound response you’ll get: where speakers are designed to make audio sound as pleasing to the ear as possible, these items are designed to give a truly ‘real’ response that highlights every frequency and sonic aspect of what you’re working on. If you’re looking to get a full audio picture of the track you’re working on, our professional-grade, cheap studio monitors are ideal.

Several items in this range have in-built studio sound cards that allow them to work beautifully as portable, on-the-go audio solutions. If you’re constantly on the road, have a hectic touring schedule or simply don’t have the ability to create a dedicated studio space, these products can plug right into your laptop or desktop computer and provide excellent quality sound wherever you go. Of course, they also make an excellent choice for bedroom producers who don’t want to install studio sound cards in their computer or don’t have the money to create a full-fledged set up.

Our range of powered monitors are designed for critical listening applications, and allows you to hear what is truly happening within the mix for accurate recording and mastering of your tracks. A good pair of studio monitors can make all the difference in the final mixdown of your new track.

Visit your local DJ City store for a demonstration of some high quality, 6 inch studio monitors.