Studio Headphones

The range of quality studio headphones we have on offer at DJ City allows producers another point of reference when mixing their tracks. They offer a super accurate frequency response and isolation from ambient noises to offer an incredibly reliable reference. You’ll be able to hear every nuance and aspect of your mix with our selection of reliable, 100% authentic headsets.

Studio monitor headphones are fantastic for those long studio sessions where the option of playing through your monitors or PA speakers isn’t viable. They also provide an excellent solution to ear fatigue that can result from hours of listening via a PA or monitor system. Listening to in-ear or headset monitors at a low volume allows your ears to rest, and gives you a fresh auditory perspective on your track. It can be just as effective as getting someone else to listen to your mix after hours of work – few things are as valuable as another set of ears, and that’s what these products can be.

We also stock a wide range of products that are suitable for beginner and professional DJs alike. When you’re cueing up the next track, you definitely want a pair of cans that isolate noise but also allow you to hear your overall mix. It’s also important to have a headset that feels comfortable and natural, as you’ll be wearing it throughout your entire set. We sell studio headphones for DJs from established and reliable brands such as AIAIAI, Sennheiser and Behringer, which are sure to last you through years of gigs and the rigours of show-to-show and country-to-country travel.

To make sure you purchase the best studio headphones for you, please contact our experienced DJ City staff in store or online.