Drum Machines
Add a unique beat to your music with Drum Machines and samplers. Create loops and form the foundation of your track. Great for live and studio applications.

A drum machine is an electronic musical instrument designed to imitate the sound of drums, cymbals, other percussion instruments, and often basslines.

The beat of a song is the foundation of most tracks and you need a beat machine to get you started.

Nowadays many producers create electronic music using purely software. Many others still prefer to use hardware. The advantage of using hardware units are the unique sounds, the dedicated interface and the authentic feel achieved by playing notes live via pads.

If a Drum Machine or Sampler is hardware only, this means that they need power and an audio connection to operate. Other systems are computer based and act as dedicated controllers for software instruments.

With such a large range of drum machines, it can be difficult picking the right one for you. Contact DJ City in store or online for assistance and advice.