Complete PA Systems

Complete PA Systems deliver full range sound and are great for live performances and DJs. See our range of exceptional split systems and column arrays.

From the world’s most popular brands including LD Systems, JBL and HK Audio. High-quality complete sound systems well suited to small and large events.

Split Systems include two tops and a subwoofer. Don’t underestimate it’s size though, many of the smaller systems will blow you away with sound quality and power. These systems are an excellent choice and are extremely popular among Mobile DJs and Bands. Super easy to set-up and operate. Accessories are also available including carrying bags for extra convenience when transporting to and from each gig.

Column Systems are compact, slim PA Systems complete with a subwoofer. An all in one pa system that is perfect for venues and even busking!

If you would like to hear these incredible systems, visit your local store the team at DJ City are ready to give you a demonstration.