Lighting Stands

To display lights in a safe and attractive manner you need secure, heavy duty lighting stands. Some of these stands can extend up to 3 metres high and feature T-bars with industry standard 38mm or 50mm pipes, quick locking mechanisms and come with some hardware to attach lighting fixtures directly to the stand.

Some of the stands come in a kit with 3 metre trussing to set up great shows and awesome light rigs. By having a trussing system overhead it creates a really organised look by framing the performer and allowing the light system to be displayed from across a large area to fill the room with light.

Select from a range of styles including the classic tripod light stand. Perfect for use as a DJ Lighting stand or as stage lighting stands.

Complete the rock star look by having beams of light shine from above your head to your crowd of adoring fans with our great range of awesome quality light stands available exclusively from DJ City!