Laser Light

Laser lights work by projecting a line of bright light which can be used in two ways; as a multi-point, which splits the beam into hundreds of tiny dots and (depending on the laser model) can twist, turn, spin and change colours. The other style of laser light is where the beam moves around very quickly to create pictures, patterns and animations as well the favoured ‘wave’ effect through the air.

Laser lights are the perfectly companion to machines, the smoke allows the intricate beams of light to become visible through the air as well as maintaining the pattern on the wall or floor. An absolute must for any respectable mobile DJ rig. These lasers will allow users to create astonishing effects on the dance floor!

Lasers available to suit all budgets. Whether it’s for a kid’s party or night club set-up, we’ll have it in stock.

Visit the team at your local DJ City store for a demonstration of all the possible laser light effects, we have a smoke machine setup and ready for you.