Lighting is essential when creating the perfect atmosphere for your event. Whether you’re hosting a party, wedding, DJing or even setting up a night club or stage, it would be incomplete without quality lights and effects.  All performances benefit from the mood created by lighting, at DJ City we have a complete range of options from the DJ light to stock effect lights and atmospheric machines. All well suited to a range of applications and environments.

Atmospheric effects include the very popular smoke machine, bubble machines and snow machines. The effects are designed to help you get the most out of your DJ light rig or mobile party dancefloor setup. You can also select from a variety of special effects, such as the confetti cannon.

Effect lights available for almost every possible application. DJ effects from the biggest brands including Chauvet DJ. Laser lights, strobe lights, and UV lights also in stock for events that require more visual effects over “mood” shaping effects. Think house party vs rave.

Wash lights and professional stage lights for adding some colour to your party, stage or event, they are a great a subtle way to add a particular mood to your environment. In order to alter the mood, we stock a range of  DMX Controllers and accessories including cables, clamps and trussing for the ultimate set-up, with ultimate control.

The team at DJ City is ready to give you a demonstration of some of the possibilities with these incredible lighting fixtures, visit your local DJ City store or contact us online, we are armed to answer any question large or small…