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Zoom APH-1N

The Zoom APH-1N is a complete accessory pack for your Zoom H1n portable handheld recorder. Included are a desk-sized tripod stand, a mic clip adapter to mount your H1n in a standard stage-style microphone clip, a foam windscreen to cut plosives and wind noise, a USB charging cable and wall adapter, and a zippered soft case with wrist strap to keep your H1n looking and performing like new.

  • Enjoy longer life, better recordings, and greater convenience from you H1n handheld recorder
  • Low-profile tripod stand is great for desks and remote use
  • Mic clip adapter mounts your H1n in a stage-style microphone clip
  • Foam filter reduces plosives and wind noise
  • Zippered soft case keeps your H1n looking and sounding like new
  • USB charger cable and wall adapter also included


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