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Vonyx VX1000BT

The Vonyx VX1000BT is complete speaker PA system designed to give your next party or event the sound it needs. Comprising of 2 satellite speakers and 2 subwoofers with a total combined output of 1000W. Featuring a master / slave configuration with all the amplifiers for built into 1 of the subwoofers, all you have to do is connect plug and play. The VX1000BT also comes with an integrated mixer that allows you to connect your favourite audio source or a microphone. And also supports Bluetooth connectivity for wireless audio streaming from your preferred device, as well as a SUB / SD Card MP3 player, making it one of the most versatile speaker systems around. T

his is the perfect speaker set for anyone wanting a great sound for their next house party, or event.

  • Complete 1000W Plug & Play speaker kit
  • 2x 10″ Subwoofer (active and passive)
  • 2x Top witch each 2.5” mid-driver and a 2.5” tweeter
  • Supplied including NL2 speaker cables
  • Supplied including 2x distance rod (130-160cm)
  • Supplief with wired microphone
  • BT receiver for audio streaming
  • USB port and SD/MMC for MP3 playback
  • Microphone input 6.3mm Jack
  • Stereo RCA and 6.3mm Jack line inputs
  • Independent subwoofer and master volume
  • Echo effect for microphone
  • Treble and bass control


Output power: 1000W (2x 400W + 2x 100W)

Frequency response: 40Hz – 20kHz

SPL max: 128dB

Speakers: 2x 2.5″ mid + 2.5″ high

Subwoofer: 10″

Top hat: 35mm

Power supply: 230VAC / 50Hz

Dimensions:Subwoofer 390 x 370 x 410mm

Dimensions:Per speaker 130 x 140 x 390mm

Weight per set: 36k


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