Verbox V Panel Plus Acoustic Treatment Panel



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Verbox V Panel Plus Acoustic Treatment Panel

The Verbox V Panel Plus Acoustic Treatment Panel gives you a high-quality, broadband frequency absorber. Made from high-density, hazardous-free glass-wool insulation and covered with a durable 100% cotton drill fabric. Designed to minimize room reflections and reverberations, the V Panel Plus Acoustic Treatment Panel is ideal for creating a more controlled listening environment.

Dense enough that it will absorb a broad range of frequencies, but not so much that your sound will be reflected. Sleek, discrete, and professionally made; you can hang the V Panel Plus from your ceiling or walls to add a modern touch to your studio environment.

What’s more, all materials including the fabric, insulation, and frames are made from natural or recycled ingredients. You can also hang them from damage-free sticky hooks. So they’re a great option if you’re renting and can’t use more permanent hanging solutions.

Discrete design
Minimal style that easily blends into any environment.

Easy handling

Light in weight for simple installation that can be hung from damage-free sticky hooks suitable for renters.

Bang for buck
Low-mid to high frequency absorption covering most of the human hearing range.

Commonly used
Designed for general room echo reduction and targets mid-ranged sound sources such as the human voice.

Variety of applications
Effective in crowded public spaces as well as for entry-level recorders and engineers.

Model: P150
recording/production studios, home theatres, music venues and other critical listening spaces
Appearance: fabric wrapped, 50mm air gap at rear
100mm glass-wool, down to 150Hz 

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