Tannoy TM1 Recording Package with Condenser Microphone

The Tannoy TM1 gives you a complete recording package, equipped with a condenser microphone, shock mount, pop filter, and cable.


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Tannoy TM1

The Tannoy TM1 gives you a complete recording package, equipped with a condenser microphone, shock mount, pop filter, and cable.

At the heart of your TM1 recording package lies a large-diaphragm TM1 Condenser Microphone. Designed to capture sounds with not only incredible realism but also sensitivity and accuracy. Sporting premium-grade electronic components, as well as a pure gold-plated diaphragm; the TM1 ensures you enjoy crystal clear audio thanks to its cardioid pickup pattern and wide 132 dB dynamic range. So you’re getting a versatile microphone that’s perfectly suited for a wide range of applications both studio and broadcast. Finally, completing your TM1 recording package you’ll find a heavy-duty shock mount with an integrated pop shield, dedicated dust cover, as well as a 6M professional-grade XLR microphone cable.

Why a Condenser Mic?

Condenser microphones offer the ideal solution for capturing both vocals and acoustic instruments. So it’s no surprise you’ll find condenser microphones just like the TM1 in professional recording studios and radio stations. Thanks to its wider and flatter frequency response, the TM1 is capable of capturing so much more detail than most dynamic microphones. As you’ll find with most XLR Condenser microphones, you’ll need a source of phantom power to use it such as an audio interface or mixing console.

Large Gold Plated Diaphragm

Furthermore, the TM1 condenser microphone combines affordability, with premium-quality. Offering a great solution for getting exactly what you hear into your recorder or DAW. Thanks to its pressure gradient transducer and gold-sputtered large-diaphragm capsule; TM1 gives you an open transparent sound with excellent transient and large frequency response from 20Hz – 20kHz. While its cardioid pickup pattern is perfect for capturing the most subtle vocal or instrument nuance. Rejecting undesirable off-axis sounds at the same time.

Ultra-Low Noise

The hallmark of any great microphone is having a clean and ultra-quiet operation. So you’ll be pleased to hear the TM1 comes through with virtually noise-free transmission via its transducer and gold-plated output.

TM1 Complete Recording Package

Above all, the Tannoy TM1 Complete Recording Package offers everything you need in terms of recording for years to come. All thanks to the professional TM1 mic, shock mount, pop filter, and professional microphone cable. All you need is a mic stand and you’re ready to record!

  • Package of TM1 microphone, shock mount with integrated pop shield, 20′ (6 m) XLR cable and dust cover
  • Premium large condenser microphone capsule with 1″ gold plated diaphragm
  • Internal shock mounting for microphone capsule
  • Fixed cardioid polar pick-up pattern
  • Ultra low noise design
  • Extremely quiet preamplifier design with transformer-less output stage
  • +48 V phantom powering for wide dynamic range


Sound Field: Mono

Operating Principle: Pressure Gradient

Capsule: Condenser

Diaphragm: 1″ / 25.40 mm

Polar Pattern: Cardioid

Circuitry: Solid-State


Frequency Range: 20 Hz to 20 kHz


Output Connectors: 1 x XLR 3-Pin

Cable Length: 20′ / 6.10 m


Operating Voltage: 48 V

For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website.