Steinberg Dorico Elements 3.5 – Music Notation Software

Steinberg’s Dorico Elements 3.5 gives you a music notation software that allows you to quickly and easily write beautiful music. Producing high quality printed results that playback with incredible realism.

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Steinberg Dorico Elements 3.5

Steinberg’s Dorico Elements 3.5 gives you a music notation software that allows you to quickly and easily write beautiful music. Producing high quality printed results that playback with incredible realism. No matter whether you’re a beginner or a professional, Dorico Elements 3.5 is easier than ever to learn. All while boasting a number of advanced notations, features, options, and sounds that are sure to fill the needs of the most demanding music professionals.


Whether you’re composing, arranging, or simply writing music; everything is easier thanks to Dorico Elements 3.5. Featuring an incredibly intelligent design, Dorico Elements automatically adjusts the notation as you write. Including almost 1500 sounds that offer exceptional realism and no messy workarounds for advanced notation. As a result, you’ll have advanced results more quickly than ever before.


What’s more, Dorico Elements boasts a streamlined and natural user interface. So if you have less experience with scoring, you’ll be able to compose and arrange straight into Dorico. Therefore, making the language of music notation so much faster and easier to learn. It’s also just as straight forward to edit and make changes, such as your instrument, time signature, or key.

If you’re a teacher, you’ll love how easy it is to produce and print out teaching materials and hand-outs for your students to learn. As well as produce arrangements for your band, orchestra, or school ensemble.


Finally, Dorico is also the perfect tool for your engraving, publishing, and copying. Automatically laying out pages for you thanks to its advanced algorithms capable of handling almost any musical context. Giving you the look of the finest traditionally engraved music, and the software that provides tweaking tools to satisfy the most demanding professional. Above all, producing high-quality, crystal-clear scores is easier than ever.

What’s new in Dorico Elements 3.5

  • VST Expression Maps: Extensive, smart expression maps give you increased control over today’s advanced sample libraries
  • Figured bass: Intelligent support for adding figures to any bass part, and specifying how they are to appear
  • Pitch before duration input: Quickly and easily sketch out ideas on your MIDI keyboard before committing them to your score — perfect for users of Finale Speedy Entry
  • Guitar notation: Extended support for hammer-ons, pull-offs, tapping, and vibrato arm scoops, dips, bends, and dives
  • Chord diagrams: With a single click, add a grid below the title showing the chord shapes you’ve used
  • Beams: More flexible beaming, including beams that begin and end with rests
  • Instrumental parts: Easily create flexible ensemble instrumental parts in different transpositions
  • MusicXML export: Expanded MusicXML export makes it easy to exchange music created in Dorico with users of other software
  • User interface enhancements: Customize page and background colors for improved accessibility
  • Hollywood-style parts: Add extra blank staves to fill the page with a single click
  • Keda Indian Drum basics: New tabla, dhol, dholak and pakhawaj sounds
  • As well as so many more additional features!
  • Dozens of new features, including VST Expression Maps, Figured Bass, Guitar notation, Chord diagrams, more flexible beaming, MusicXML export, improved accessibility, and more
  • Video support using the same powerful engine as Cubase and Nuendo
  • Automatically produce a conductor’s score with a single click
  • Generate tablature for instruments with any number of strings
  • Support for left- and right-hand guitar notation
  • Playback templates for quick setup of your playback preferences
  • Soundiron Olympus Choir Micro for building gorgeous choir arrangements
  • Benefit from automatic calculation of harp pedal changes
  • Group playing techniques to align them together, and show transitions from one to another
  • Leave reminders to yourself or for your collaborators
  • Velocity and pitch bend editing provide richer controls for tweaking playback
  • Playback of discrete-note glissandos, automatically taking harp pedal changes into account
  • Automatic notation of natural and artificial harmonics
  • Revamped Project Info dialog enables easy project metadata management
  • Editable mutual exclusion for techniques, absolute, and relative channel changes, primary and secondary volume types, and more
  • Refined user interface plays nice with macOS’s Dark Mode
  • Support for rhythm slashes
  • System Track makes adding and deleting bars, as well as selecting and copying music, a piece of cake
  • Multipaste pastes material to multiple instruments in a single step
  • Included Sonic SE 2 library brings your creations to life
  • Included FX suite with a top-end compressor, brickwall limiter, and more
  • Cutting-edge artificial intelligence automatically rewrites notation while you’re inserting, deleting, and editing
  • Compose using your computer keyboard or MIDI controller
  • Streamlined interface is a breeze to use
  • Sequencer-style piano roll MIDI editor
  • Petaluma handwritten music font was inspired by the hand-copying style of a famous series of jazz standards books
  • Default note spacing is tailored for ease of reading
  • Powerful editing features — change note length of existing notes
  • Imports/exports in MusicXML, MIDI, and graphical formats
  • Supports VST3 instruments and effects
  • 64-bit only; does not support 32-bit plug-ins
  • Requires Steinberg eLicenser account required (no dongle)

Maximum number of players in project: 12

Included templates: 29

Accidentals: Normal and double only

Bar numbers: Single format

Bar repeats: Yes

Barline types: Normal, double, final, repeat

Clefs: 7 presets

Custom note and rest groupings: No

Custom brackets and braces: No

Chord diagrams: Limited

Chord symbols: Single preset

Condensing: No

Cues: No

Divisi for divided string sections: No

Drum set notation: Yes

Dynamics: Yes

Fanned beams and stemlets: No

Figured bass: Yes

Guitar tablature: Limited

Harp pedaling: Limited

Key signatures: Up to 7 flats/sharps

Holds and pauses: Yes

Lines: 40 presets

Lyrics: Yes

Noteheads: 30 Presets

Octave lines: Limited

Ornaments: Yes

Ossia staves: No

Change no. staves for instrument: No

Page numbers: Automatic

Pedal lines: Limited

Playing techniques: 220 Presets

Rehearsal marks: Limited

Repeat endings: Yes

Rhythm slashes: Yes

Single- and multi-note tremolos: Yes

Tempo markings: Yes

Unpitched orchestral/band percussion: Limited

For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website.