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The SoundSwitch digital lighting workstation is an innovative approach to dynamic lighting design. Designed and made in New Zealand, the soundswitch is an interface that allows users to create a customised lighting timeline for each of their songs in Serato DJ, Virtual DJ, and now Denon Prime Series. Its simplistic app and interface allow DJs and lighting designers the ability to sync lighting visuals with live audio seamlessly.

Edit Mode, in SoundSwitch, is a powerful tool that allows you to create customised lighting effects and cues that are alongside and in time with music files. It has been designed to be familiar to anyone with experience using audio editing programs such as Ableton Live. Combining this timeline editing with tools similar to those found in graphic design software like Photoshop, SoundSwitch provides a user experience that is both functional and familiar.

Performance mode, in SoundSwitch, is where all the creative effort comes to life. When playing audio files through Serato DJ SoundSwitch works quietly in the background to sync the created lighting displays without a hitch. All the live control is in your hands and the lighting occurs as you intended without restriction.

SoundSwitch gives DJs the tools to create their own lighting displays and the connection to play these back without compromising the freestyle nature of their live performance. It puts live control in the DJs hands and enables them to play any song, in any order, while their lighting remains in sync.

Not to be forgotten, SoundSwitch opens up new creative possibilities for lighting designers as well as it enables them to explore tighter integration with the artists/DJs they are working with. SoundSwitch allows customisation and automation, it is just a question of how this comes together and when it comes time to go live they can sit back and enjoy the show knowing they have put the work in already.

New Update;

With version 1.9 you gain the ability to connect to Denon’s Prime series players (SC5000/m, and Prime4) via the Stagelink Q connection for a syncronised lighting show to your music. This allows you to use a standalone media format while sending live information to your Sound Switch hosted computer. In edit mode, you have the ability to select the media device and create lighting scripts for all your songs or automate the lighting script for one or all songs.

Check out the product videos below for the latest features and updates.

  • Design customised lighting timelines for each song
  • Integrates seamlessly with Serato DJ, Virtual DJ, and Denon Prime and Engine software
  • Easy to use control interface
  • Control multiple lighting fixtures from 1 control box
  • Supports multiple light timelines for dynamic lighting shows
  • Designed and made in New Zealand


System Requirements;

  • (MAC) OSX 10.9 / 10.10 / 10.11
  • (Windows) Windows 10, 8.1 / Windows 7
  • Intel i3 or higher
  • 5GB available storage
  • USB 2.0 Port




For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website.