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The Shure Motiv MV88 is a compact stereo condenser microphone that plugs directly into your iOS device’s Lighting port and delivers amazingly clear recording direct to your device. Perfect for recording your jam session, interview, or even a podcast on the go. And when you pair the MV88 with the free ShurePlus MOTIV app, you can record 24-bit/48kHz audio straight to your device while taking advantage of advanced settings such as adjustable stereo width, EQ, and compressor/limiter functions, plus you can access five on board DSP preset modes. Whether you’re laying down song ideas or snagging video, you’ll be impressed by the sound quality you’ll get out of your recordings.

  • A stereo condenser microphone that connects straight to your iOS device
  • Mid-Side microphone capsule capture true stereo sound with adjustable width
  • 90-degree hinge makes mic positioning easy, particularly for video recording
  • Lightning connection transmits clear 24-bit/48kHz digital audio right to your device
  • Free ShurePlus MOTIV app unlocks the capsules full potential
  • All-metal design makes this microphone tough enough for field use
  • Includes windscreen, headphone adapter cable, and zippered carrying case


Type: Cardioid / Bidirectional Condenser Cartridge

Polar Pattern: Adjustable Width Stereo / Mono Bidirectional / Mono Cardioid / Mid-Side

Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz

DSP Modes (Presets): Speech / Singing / Acoustic / Loud / Flat

A/D Converter: Up to 24-bit/48 kHz

Adjustable Gain Range: 0 to +36 dB

Sensitivity: -37 dBFS / Pa at 1 kHz

SPL Maximum: 120 dB SPL

Headphone Output: Available Through iOS Device

Power Requirements: Powered Through Lightning Connector

Housing: All-Metal Construction

Weight: 40.5 g

Dimensions: 67 mm × 25 mm × 35 mm


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