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Serato DJ Essentials

The Serato DJ Essentials is the perfect way to step up to Serato DJ Pro with DVS control and turn your compatible Pioneer DJ, Allen & Heath, or Rane mixer into the central hub of your rig, without the need for an external audio interface. This value-packed bundle includes both Serato DJ Pro software and the DVS Expansion Pack in one money-saving bundle. If you’re new to Serato DJ Pro, then you’re going to love this absolutely rock-solid 4-deck DJ system. With integrated sampling, hot cueing, looping, and more, it’s everything a serious modern DJ could ask for. The DVS Expansion Pack takes this platform to a whole new level, allowing you to control your tracks with the traditional turntables or CDJ decks you already know and love.

Serato DJ Pro

Serato DJ is the world’s number one DJ software around. Used by everyone from bedroom beginners to touring professionals, in genres from hip-hop to dance, Serato DJ sets the standard you are looking for. Unlock your DJ creativity with Serato’s innovative features such as sampling, beatjump, cues, loops and loop rolls, and smooth every mix off with its high-quality FX. With the lowest latency in the market, Serato DJ is one you can rely on.

Serato DVS

DJ with vinyl using Serato DJ DVS. With this expansion pack you’ll be able to connect turntables or CDJs to Serato DJ, allowing you to play your digital tracks on your turntables.

You’ll be able to play your digital audio files from your computer with the use of Control Tone CDs or vinyl (sold separately), as well as CDJ media players. The new DVS expansion pack allows you to use Serato NoiseMap vinyl or CDs, alongside compatible controllers. Combine the classic feel of vinyl, with the functionality of a MIDI controller with Serato DJ DVS.

  • One of the world’s most popular digital DJ applications for use with a wide range of compatible hardware
  • Easy-to-use and extremely flexible user interface lets you keep your display clutter free while accessing all the tools you need
  • Powerful song organization and management options let you build virtual crates, log history, and automatically sort your tunes
  • Cues, loops, sync, and quantize functions make it easy to get the perfect timing in your performances
  • Slip mode lets you perform crazy turntable tricks and cue point juggling, without losing the beat
  • SP-6 sample player provides you with 24 sample slots you can use to spice up your mix
  • Serato Remote and Serato Remote mini iOS apps provide powerful remote control capabilities
  • Requires compatible hardware from Rane, Pioneer, Numark, Novation, Vestax, and others


Software Type: Serato DJ Pro with Essentials DVS

Platform: Mac, PC

Upgrade/Full: Full

Download/Boxed: Download

Hardware Requirements – Mac: Intel i3 or higher, 4GB RAM minimum, compatible DJ controller/mixer

Hardware Requirements – PC: Intel i3 or higher, 4GB RAM minimum, compatible DJ controller/mixer

OS Requirements – Mac: OS X 10.11 or later

OS Requirements – PC: Windows 7 SP1 or later


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