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Scrim King SS-CLP01

The Scrim King SS-CLP01 clamp is the easiest solution to fit your scrims to your stands. The unit features a durable clip for attaching the scrim to, and a unique split lock design allowing easy install even once the stand is set up with lights or speaker.

The Scrim King clamp was created to answer the number 1 question Scrim King has been receiving since it’s Creation. That question was – How Do I attach My Scrim? In the Past, C-clamps, O-clamps, Zip ties and other devices were the way to go.

Now the question has finally been answered with the new Scrim King Clamp. The Diameter is 1 and 3/8” to 1.5” to fit various stands. This clamp gives you the most low profile look possible. You can leave it on your stand to ensure it’s there every time you’re out on a gig!


  • Fit your scrims easy to your speaker / lighting stands
  • Suits most speaker and lighting stands
  • Easy to fit and adjust



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