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ROLI Block Live

The ROLI Block Live┬ámodule is designed to give you more control and functionality with your modular Block setup. It adds a number of performance controls to the Blocks modular music performance system and is designed to be used in conjunction with the Lightpad Block. The Live Block puts the most frequently used functions for control in immediate reach including dedicated buttons for mode, volume, click/tempo, snap, undo, play/recording loops, and learn. The unit’s rechargeable battery offers up to four hours of use and is charged via the magnetic DNA connector on the Lightpad Block. The Loop Block can be used wirelessly via Bluetooth up to 15m.

  • Performance control module for ROLI’s Lightpad Block
  • Offers dedicated controls for switching scale/octave, triggering chords/arpeggios, and note sustain
  • Connects physically to any side of your Lightpad Block, or can be used wirelessly too
  • Set it up to control your DAW or MIDI rig via ROLI’s Dashboard software


Type: Lightpad Control Module

Computer Connectivity: Bluetooth LE v4.0

Control I/O: 6 x Magnetic DNA connectors along sides

Compatibility: Lightpad Block

OS Requirements: Mac iOS 9.0 or later

Power: Rechargeable via Lightpad Block


For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website.