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Roland TD1DMK Electronic Drum Kit

Roland TD1DMK Electronic Drum Kit is designed for beginning drummers, practicing students, and even lapsed players looking for a fun, quieter way to get back into drumming. It offers a variety of realistic drum sounds organized in fifteen expressive drum kits along with an authentic acoustic playing feel with dual-ply-mesh snare and tom pads. The kit includes powerful skill-building tools with onboard coach functions along with Melodics for V-Drums training software for Mac/Windows computers (free download available separately), and provides a fulfilling drumming experience in a compact kit that’s easy to set up and move around.

The TD-1DMK V-Drums includes a PDX-8 snare pad, a soft-rubber kick pad, three PDX-6A tom pads, three CY-5 hi-hat/crash/ride cymbal pads, a hi-hat control pedal, a TD-1 sound module, and a four-post rack stand. The durable, dual-ply-mesh heads faithfully respond to the subtle nuances of your playing, with every stick hit and dynamics detected and accurately relayed thanks to the fast processing of the TD-1 module. The pads are built to be quiet, so you can practice with fewer limitations.

A stereo audio input allows you to connect your smartphone or portable music player to the TD-1DMK and play along with your favorite tracks. Connect your headphones to immerse yourself in the music and practice without disturbing family members or neighbors. The unit includes mounting and connecting hardware, as well as an AC adapter.

  • Electronic drum set for those who always dreamed of playing drums
  • TD-1 drum sound module includes an authentic-sounding collection of drums
  • 15 preset drum kits for a variety of playing genres
  • Snare and toms feature double-mesh-head pads to match the feel of playing on acoustic drums and respond to the subtle nuances of your playing
  • Mesh heads for the snare and toms can be tension-adjusted and offer strong stick resistance
  • Kick pad is compatible with your choice of kick pedal, including double-kick pedals (kick pedals not included)
  • Soft-rubber kick pad absorbs the energy from the beater, for a natural feel, faithful rebound, and quieter performance
  • Quiet pads provide quiet drumming for practice with less disturbance for others
  • Connect either to your headphones or monitor speakers
  • Helps students develop accurate timing and keep a solid beat
  • Onboard metronome
  • 10 fun and engaging coach functions provide a game-like experience for learning
  • Melodics for V-Drums software provides a series of drum lessons (for Mac and Windows computers, free download available separately)
  • Connect your smartphone to the module and play along to your favorite tracks
  • Connect headphones to immerse yourself in the music without disturbing your family, friends, or neighbors
  • Connection cable lets you add an extra cymbal pad (available separately)
  • Four-post rack stand can be set up for right- or left-handed drummers
  • Compact and rugged set is easy to set up and move around


Kit Configuration: Kick, snare, hi-hat, hi-hat control pedal, 3 x toms, crash, ride, drum stand

  • Kick Pad:
    • Compatible with double-kick pedal (kick pedals not included)
  • Snare Pad (PDX-8):
    • Size: 8″
    • Head: Double mesh, 2-ply
    • Trigger: Dual, head and rim
  • Hi-Hat Pad (CY-5):
    • Size: 10″, fixed-type
  • Control Pedal: Detectable for half-open stroke
  • 3 x Tom Pad (PDX-6A):
    • Size: 6″
    • Head: Double mesh, 2-ply
    • Trigger: Single, no rim-shot support
  • Crash Pad (CY-5):
    • Size: 10″
    • Trigger: Dual, bow and edge
  • Ride Pad (CY-5):
    • Size: 10″
    • Trigger: Dual, bow and edge
  • Drum stand:
    • Four-post-type rack stand

Drum Kits: 15


  • Coach Functions (10 Modes):
    • Time Check (Easy)
    • Time Check (Hard)
    • Change-up
    • Auto Up/Down
    • Quiet Count
    • Tempo Check (Easy)
    • Tempo Check (Hard)
    • Stroke Balance
    • Timer
    • Recording

Songs: 15

Metronome Tempo: 40 to 260 BPM

Rhythm: 5 types

Sounds: 8 types

Volume: 10 levels

Display: 7 Segments, 3 characters (LED)

Connectors Output / Phones: 3.5 mm stereo mini jack

Mix Input:  3.5 mm stereo mini jack

USB: 1 x USB Type-B

Trigger Input: 1 x DB-25 (Kick, snare, tom 1, tom 2, tom 3, hi-hat, crash 1, crash 2, ride, hi-hat control)

Interface: USB MIDI (transmitting only)

Power Supply: AC adapter

Current Draw: 150 mA

Dimensions: 120 x 110 x 120 cm

Weight: 17.8 kg


For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website.