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The Professional DJ Cleaning kit is the complete ‘A to Z’ cleaning and maintenance kit for professional and vinyl DJs. Reloop’s professional DJ Cleaning Set MK2. Everything for the professional cleaning of records, CDs and cartridges is accommodated in a convenient soft case. A better sound and longer durability of records, CDs and cartridges are guaranteed!

  • Great for removing dust and dirt build-up
  • Helps improve playback quality and durability or stylus and vinyl records
  • Easy to use, and includes a convenient carry / storage case
  • Ideal for all level of vinyl and professional DJ



Set consists of:

  • 1x Reloop carbon record brush
  • 1x Reloop anti-static cleaning cloth
  • 1x Reloop vinyl cleaning fluid 20 ml
  • 1x Reloop stylus cleaning fluid 20 ml
  • Complete cleaning set for LPs & CDs


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