Reason 11 Suite DAW Software


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Reason Studios Reason is renowned for its impressive updates with each new version of the DAW, and Reason 11 Suite doesn’t disappoint. Featuring a host of new features including curved automation, audio clip crossfades, and five new devices.


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Reason 11 Suite DAW Software

Reason Studios Reason software is renowned for its impressive updates with each new version of the DAW, and Reason 11 Suite doesn’t disappoint. Featuring a host of new features including curved automation, audio clip crossfades, and five new devices. Where the Reason Suite version shines even more is with a further 16 extra rack extension plugins, plus supporting VST functionality. While perhaps the most noteworthy addition in Reason 11, is the fact the Reason Rack is now available as a standalone plugin. As a result, you can use all your favourite Reason instruments, effects, and devices in any of your favourite DAWs.

Reason 11 suite includes both the standalone production software and the Reason Rack plug-in. Giving you all you need to take your music production to the next level.

What’s New!

  • Included Reason Rack Plug-in
  • Quartet Chorus Ensemble rack unit
  • Sweeper Modulation Effect rack unit
  • Master Bus Compressor rack unit
  • Channel Dynamics rack unit
  • Channel EQ rack unit
  • Curved automation
  • Audio clip crossfades
  • Improved and individual vertical zoom
  • Mute MIDI notes
  • Draw multiple notes
  • Show played and selected notes in key edit

Above all, the Reason software is a powerful virtual studio for fast and creative music production. While unique among DAWs, Reason’s logical workflow, and highly responsive graphical interface emulate a real recording studio with racks full of great gear. Easy to follow whether you’re an experienced engineer or just getting into music production. With easy, comprehensive sequencing and effortless audio recording on unlimited tracks. Therefore, you can create beats; build your Reason Rack with VST plug-ins, Rack Extensions, and amazing built-in instruments, FX, and utilities (17 premium instruments, 29 audio effects, and 11 MIDI FX and utilities); and mix down on Reason’s legendary modeled large-format console.

Overall, the Reason 11 DAW software is a fantastic upgrade to their widely popular music production software.

  • Massive factory sound bank with more than 29,000 device patches, loops, and samples
  • Includes 16 extra Rack Extensions, including the NEW Scenic Hybrid Instrument
  • VST plug-in support: add any instrument or effect plug-in to Reason’s rack
  • Delay compensation makes all signal paths play in perfect, phase-locked sync
  • Opens songs and synth patches made in Reason Compact — the free pocket music studio for iOS
  • Rack Extensions lets you expand your collection of instruments and effects from Reason Studios and 3rd party developers
  • Support for Ableton Link: effortlessly sync Reason and other link enabled apps over Wi-Fi
  • Unlimited audio recording and instrument channels
  • Fully featured high-precision multitrack sequencer with Blocks mode and audio comping tools
  • High-quality real-time time stretch & audio transpose
  • Pitch Edit mode for polishing your vocal recordings
  • Audio slicing and audio quantize — correct the timing of your audio recordings
  • Convert recorded or imported audio in the sequencer into REX loops for further sound manipulation
  • MIDI instrument output — control synths, samplers, and keyboards from Reason’s sequencer
  • MIDI clock output — sync hardware to Reason
  • Advanced exporting — export your separate mixer channels as individual audio stems, including effects and tempo track
  • Live sampling on all Sampler devices
  • Remote mapping to external MIDI controllers and hardware control surfaces
  • Supports all major file formats — from WAV and AIFF to MP3 and more
  • Real-time sample rate and bit depth conversion allows for importing any audio into Reason without issues
  • Multicore support and 64-bit compatibility makes Reason fast and powerful on any computer
  • Self-contained song files make moving projects between computers and collaborator as easy as moving a single file
  • Advanced modeled mixing console with complete channel strip for every instrument and audio channel

System Requirements

Memory Requirement 4 GB (8 GB Recommended)

For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website.