The Rane TTM 56 2-channel DJ mixer has been the world’s most popular performance mixer for many years. Superior build quality ensures years of trouble free use and the ultimate in sound quality. If you’re serious about your equipment, you’re on a winner with Rane. Rane takes performance mixer design as seriously as performing DJs take their art form. The TTM 56S is flexible, durable, and feature packed. The audio quality of the TTM 56S qualifies it for use in the most demanding live venue, recording studio or live broadcast applications.

  • Kill switches behave like transform controls, to quickly cut a signal in or out
  • Separate contour controls for each fader and the crossfader allow continuous adjustment from smooth blend to fast cut
  • The Channel swap switch allows the left-hand or right-hand fader to control PGM 1 or PGM 2
  • Auxiliary Inputs and Outputs, with independent level controls, give session mixing ability
  • FlexFX™ allow individual assignment of PGM 1, PGM 2 or both to the effects loop. The effects loop is post-fader
  • The wet/dry pan lets you control how much of the effect is in the mix
  • Three-band Accelerated-Slope™ EQ allows full cut of each band. The EQ engage switches lets you A/B compare or quickly transform the EQ effect
  • Two 10-segment meters provide Dual-Mono-Cue or Stereo-Master operation



Channels: 2 x fader

EQ Range: -24/+12dB

Inputs: 2 Phono, 2 Line, 1 Mic

Outputs: 1 x XLR, 1 x RCA

Digital I/O: No

Send/Return: 1 x RCA

Built-in FX: No

Crossfader: Magnetic

Beat Sampler: No

Power Supply: 100V-240V ~ 50/60 Hz


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