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The T290TRI-2M is a high-quality 290mm entertainment standard tri-truss length. Spanning 2 metres this truss is ideal for almost any application including as a totem, overhead on stage, and even for building smaller structures. Made from high grade aluminium and includes 3 connectors for expanding and joining to additional truss pieces.



  • High grade Aluminium truss
  • 2m Length
  • Entertainment standard 290mm spacing
  • Compatible with Prostand trussing accessories
  • Perfect as an upright or lighting totem

Load Chart:

Maximum Load
Maximum CPL
3 300 100
4 249 75
6 168 50
8 160 45
9 100 39
12 72 20



Type: 290mm Tri-Trussing

Tube Diameter: 50mm

Total Length: 2.0m

Max. Load: 300 kg

Max CLP: 100 kg

Diagonal Bracing: 20mm

Wall Thickness: 2mm

Weight: 10 kg