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Trusst PK-10x10x10Cube

The Trusst PK-10x10x10Cube is a complete trussing ‘cube’ system measuring 3m wide, 3m deep and 3m high externally. Easy to assemble and made using 100% certified trussing for strength and piece of mind. The cube system is great for events, venues, carnivals, bands, and loads more. Capable of supporting an impressive 2,000 kg evenly distributed load (static load). Perfect for rigging lighting shows, flying LED screens, PA line array and loads more.

The Trussing system can also be added to an existing trussing structure or set-up for a more complex system. The possibilities with Trusst systems are endless

This systems comprises of;

4x CT290-425S

4x CT290-420S

4x CT290-4390C

4x CT290-4116B

  • 3x3x3m Trussing Cube
  • SUV, TUV certified trussing
  • Supplied with all connectors and joiners needed for assembly
  • Expandable with Trusst trussing sections
  • Easy to assemble


Width (external): 3.0 m

Depth (external): 3.0 m

Height (external): 3.0 m

Trussing Size: 290 x 290 mm

Trussing Wall Thickness: 2 mm

System weight: 154 kg

Certifications: GSI, TUV

Download a copy of the Load Rating Chart here


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