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Pioneer Toraiz SP16 Professional Sampler Product Detail >>

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Pioneer TORAIZ SP16

The Pioneer TORAIZ SP16 sampler and step sequencer is the first in our line-up of music production tools for DJs and producers. We’ve partnered with the legendary synth creator Dave Smith to add his Prophet-6 analogue filters.

So you can give your creations a rich, analogue warmth and presence.

Use the TORAIZ SP-16’s simple layout and large touch screen for producing, or use it as a standalone unit in the DJ booth to enhance performances. Just load samples, create patterns, add FX, loops, and manipulate their parameters to make your music your own.

The 7-inch, full-colour touch display gives you instant access to all the info you need. Browse, select and colour-code samples intuitively. While manipulating their parameters with the rotary dials just below the screen

A 16-step sequencer lets you create up to 256 different patterns. You can save and play back your loops instantly, and use the dials to modulate the sounds.

Plus the backlit buttons will reflect the colours assigned to each sound for a visual guide.

Load up to 16 samples to the large rubber pads, then finger drum freely to layer sounds on-the-fly. The multicolour LEDs show what samples are in play. While Velocity Mode lets you control the sample volume with the amount of pressure you apply.

You get all the power you need to play with 16 samples simultaneously even when you’re using time stretch, pitch bend or the amp envelope. With 8GB of flash memory you have enough space to use the TORAIZ SP-16 as a stand-alone unit, with no need for a laptop.


The TORAIZ SP-16 has the same analogue filters as Dave Smith’s renowned Prophet-6 synthesiser. Use the dials to sculpt your sound – manipulating Drive, Cut Off and Resonance – and add true analogue warmth and presence.

FREE Pioneer DJ Toraiz AS1

The Pioneer DJ Toraiz AS-1 is a monophonic analog synthesizer that brings new creative possibilities to the studio and the stage. Its intuitive controls include parameter knobs that let you make both subtle and dramatic changes to the tone of your music to create your own personalised sound. Plus you can use the touchpad-style keyboard and slider to manipulate sounds during performances.



  • A powerful sampling workstation with Dave Smith technology onboard
  • Create up to 256 patterns via the onboard 16-step sequencer
  • 4 Scene locations let you instantly recall your favorite patterns
  • 7″ full-color touchscreen delivers detailed sample information
  • Load samples and edit waveforms in exquisite detail
  • Multicolored pads with velocity sensitivity provide excellent expression
  • 8GB of flash memory comes preloaded with 2GB of Loopmasters content
  • Real-time processing provides you with non-stop music production
  • Touch strip controller lets you bend notes like a synth
  • Analog highpass and lowpass filters from the DSI Prophet-6 synthesizer
  • Drive, Cut Off, and Resonance filter controls let you get extra sonic character
  • Pro DJ Link and MIDI clock lock your grooves to the beat


  • Flexible analog monosynth designed in partnership with Dave Smith Instruments
  • Simple surface-accessible interface controls a remarkably powerful synth engine
  • All-analog synthesizer architecture based on the legendary DSI Prophet-6
  • Full digital control lets you call up presets, control modulation routing, and more
  • Create beat-sync’d loops and blazing arpeggios on the fly to enhance your live sets
  • Remarkably playable 13-note touchpad keyboard and pitch/mod slider onboard
  • Manipulate key filter and envelope parameters in real time for manual sound evolution
  • Compact design fits perfectly in your tabletop or DJ rig


Toraiz SP16

Manufacturer Presets: 2GB pre-loaded samples/loops

Sequencer: 16-step, 256 patterns

Analog Inputs: 2 x 1/4″

Analog Outputs: 2 x 1/4″ (main out), 6 x 1/4″ (3 stereo outputs)

MIDI I/O: In, Out/Thru

Sampling: Yes

RAM: 8GB internal memory

Additional Media Storage: USB Flash drive

Effects Types: Dave Smith instrument filters, drive, resonance, pitch bend, time stretch

USB: 1 x Type B, 1 x Type A

Other I/O: 1 x Ethernet (Pro DJ Link)

Dimensions: 259 x 437 x 74 mm

Weight: 3.15 kg

Toraiz AS1

Sound Engine Type(s): Analog

Polyphony: Monophonic

Type of Keys: 13 x touch sensors

Pads: 1 x ribbon slider

Oscillators: 2 x VCO (triangle, sawtooth, pulse wave)

Effects Types: Delay, Distortion, Ring Modulation, Chorus, Phaser

Arpeggiator: Yes

Sequencer: 64-step

Analog Outputs: 2 x 1/4″ (main out), 1 x 1/4″ (headphones)

MIDI I/O: In, Out/Thru

USB: 1 x Type B

Other I/O: 1 x 1/4″ (trigger in; pedal, trigger, gate)

Dimensions: 267.4 x 68.6 x 177.7 mm

Weight: 1.4 kg


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