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This Peavey Rage 158 IV 15w 1×8” Combo Guitar Amplifier might be a simple little practice amp with 2 channels, clean and lead but the volume on this amp is louder than you would expect.
There is a headphone jack and a CD/tape input and the EQ has two modes: “Modern” and “Vintage”. The Vintage has a little more treble, a little more twang. While the Modern is a little cleaner, closer to a pure tone. You can use the Vintage for blues/jazz, and the Modern for open chords and to really rock out any type of distortion.

  • 15W RMS
  • 8″ super-duty speaker
  • 3-band EQ
  • 2 channels
  • Tape/CD aux input/direct out
  • Pre and post gain knobs
  • Master volume
  • Stack/Modern/Vintage voicing switch
  • Headphone jack