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As implied by the name, the Scratch is intended especially for the disciplines of scratch and back-cueing. Like the QBert, DJs had a say in designing this cartridge so it would match the needs of dance floor kings.

It is made of a fluorescent neon-red material with the intention it becoming highly apparent in spotlight and luminous in ultraviolet light. For DJs that require increased tracking ability, the Scratch is up to the task.

Featuring a reinforced rubber suspension, DJs need not worry about compromising sound quality and stylus life when working with higher tracking forces. With solid bass reproduction and extended highs, the Scratch is great for any style, providing energetic, in-your-face sound.

  • Co-designed by DJs for DJs
  • Spherical stylus for great tracking and low vinyl wear
  • Fluorescent neon-red colour that glows under UV
  • Enhanced tracking for scratching and back cueing
  • Made in Denmark
  • Supplied individually



Output Voltage: 7 mV
Frequency Response: 20Hz – 15kHz +3dB/ -2dB
Tracking Ability 80 μm
Stylus Type: Spherical
Tracking Force Range: 3.0g – 5.0g
Tracking Force (Recommended): 4.0g (40 mN)
Cartridge Weight: 18.5g


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