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Nightclub E is equipped with Special Elliptical diamond. Perfect for usage in clubs. Superb sound quality.

Club DJs and studio workers believe the Nightclub E to be an absolute high-end cartridge. It is indeed a no-nonsence performer with fascinating musical resources. It’s output is superb with a frequency responce rating high enough to compare the Nightclub E to any audiophile cartridge. The special elliptical stylus guarantees sound with insignificant scratching.

  • Designed for high performance, needed in clubs
  • Special Elliptical stylus for great tracking and low vinyl wear
  • Neon yellow colour stands out
  • Improved tracking and accurate sound reproduction
  • Made in Denmark
  • Suits the Nightclub cartridges



Output Voltage: 8 mV
Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz +/ -1.5dB
Tracking Ability 80 μm
Stylus Type: Special Elliptical
Tracking Force Range: 2.0g – 5.0g
Tracking Force (Recommended): 3.0g (30 mN)


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