Mackie Monitor Bundle w/ Monitors, Interface, Mics, Headphones


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The Mackie Monitor Bundle comes equipped with everything you need for a complete studio setup! Monitors, Microphones, Headphones and Big Knob Controller

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Mackie Monitor Bundle

The Mackie Monitor Bundle comes equipped with everything you need for a complete studio setup! Including:

Mackie Big Knob Studio

The Mackie Big Knob Studio is a monitor-control solution and interface, that allows you to choose between three audio input sources and two monitor pairs. It can be used for project and professional studios and is designed to increase your workflow for recording and mixing applications.

It features a built-in 2×2 USB recording interface with two Onyx mic preamps and phantom power for condenser microphones. Recording and playback is at 24-bit/192 kHz resolution and the cue mix allows for controlled blending of direct inputs with other signals for zero-latency recording. Choice of recording paths provide flexibility for applications like podcasting and more.

CR3 3″ Studio Monitors

Additionally, the Mackie Monitor Bundle also has you covered with a pair of CR3 3″ studio monitors. Designed with both an active and passive studio monitor, you’ll only need one speaker plugged into the power. As well as a left/right speaker placement switch that lets you decide which speaker has the volume control for convenience. There’s also a front AUX for headphones and rear inputs for both TRS and RCA. So they’re the perfect speaker system to for all your content creation, music production, and audio mixing needs!

EM-91C Condenser Microphone

Finally, built with heavy-duty construction, the EM-91C delivers excellent sonic performance and accurate reproduction of both vocals and instruments. Therefore, making the EM-91C perfect for home studio and commercial recording applications. Utilizing a cardioid polar pattern, the EM-91C rejects sound behind the microphone and reduces the pickup of bleed from other instruments. All while attenuating room ambiance and delivering a more direct and controlled sound. Requiring phantom power to operate, the EM-91C boasts a balanced 3-pin XLR output so you can easily connect it to your audio interface or mixing console.

EM-89D Dynamic Microphone

Offering tour-worthy construction, and outstanding sonic performance; the Mackie EM-89D delivers crystal-clear reproduction of vocals and instruments. So it’s the perfect microphone for both live stage applications and studio recordings. What’s more, the EM-89D uses a cardioid polar pattern. Rejecting sound behind the mic so you hear less stage bleed and get a much higher gain before experiencing feedback. Sporting a dynamic moving-coil design, the EM-89D doesn’t need batteries or phantom power. While the balanced 3-pi XLR output ensures proper connectivity with stage boxes, mixers, and portable PA systems.

  • Big Knob Studio
  • EM-91C Condenser Microphone
  • EM-89D Dynamic Microphone>
  • CR3 3″ Studio Monitors
  • MC-150 Closed-Back Headphones