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Laserworld PRO-1600RGB

The Laserworld PRO-1600RGB is a professional 1,600mW laser projection system perfect for graphics and animations. Delivering the highest quality beam specifications with beautiful analogue colour modulation.
The Proline Series units can be controlled over ILDA and have a built-in memory with 200 preset patterns, that can be easily triggered through DMX. They can also be operated on both automatic and sound-to-light mode for a plug-and-play show. Plus, connect multiple Proline Series units together via DMX for amazing ‘master-slave-mode’ synchronized shows.

The PRO-1600RGB is equipped with red and blue diode laser modules and a green DPSS laser module. The red diode has a wavelength of 637 nm for very good visibility at great beam specifications. Together with the green DPSS laser module with a wavelength of 532 nm and the royal-blue diode laser module with a wavelength of 445 nm the laser sources create brilliant colors including white! While the ultra fast 40kpps scanners deliver smooth effects and graphics with a max scan angle of 40°.

Another key advantage of the Proline Series projectors is the integrated ‘Glass Effects Actuator’. This creates amazing visual effects that would otherwise be impossible without using multiple projectors. The glass effects allow the effect to be split or ‘grated’ while in operation and is selectable by DMX or the built in control system. The effects are;

  • Normal scanner mode – creates emotionalizing beam shows and graphics projections
  • Burst Grating mode – the scanned pattern is multiplied many times and covers a wide range
  • 3D Effect mode – creates a great 3D-looking effect on the scanned pattern
  • Radial Pattern Effect mode – a pattern is displayed in the center, the effect shows a multitude of this projection in circles around the center projection
  • Line Grating mode – a pattern is displayed multiplied in a line

All Proline series projectors come with integrated and switchable scan fail safety (SFS) which prevents single beams from being projected. Additional safety features includes a projection shield, and safety key to prevent unauthorized operation. Perfect for a wide of applications from nightclub to large stage productions.


  • Professional analogue laser projection system
  • Powerful 1600mW output with true analogue colour modulation
  • 5 Selectable projection modes; Standard / Burst Grating / 3D / Radial / Line Grating
  • Ultra fast 40kpps scanner speeds, with a max scan angle of 40°
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Built in patterns and laser shows
  • Control with DMX / ILDA / Stand Alone (auto/sound/master-slave)
  • Integrated scan fail safety (SFS), safety key, and projector shield


Total Power typical: 1’600mW

Guaranteed power: 1’300mW

Power Red: 300mW / 637nm

Power Green: 300mW / 532nm

Power Blue: 700mW / 445nm

Beam Specifications: ca. 3mm / ca. 1.3mrad

Laser Sources: Diode, DPSS Laser

Laser Class: 4

Operation Modes: auto, music, DMX, ILDA, master-slave, SD Card

Scanner: Galvo system, up to 40kpps @4°; additional effects gratings and glass effects

Scan Angle max.: 40° max. / 80° for glass effects

Basic Patterns: >200 Patterns (layers, tunnels, fences, waves etc.; grating & 3D effects)

Accessories: power cable, remote control unit, SD Card, manual, interlock connector, key, Laserworld Showeditor FREE

Power Supply: 85V – 250V AC

Power Consumption: 80 W

Dimensions: 235/205/165 mm

Weight: 4.75 kg


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