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Korg Kross2 Neon Red – 61 Key Workstation

The Korg Kross2 61 Key Music Workstation Grey Red Neon; Killer Kross2 features in bold neon colourways, demanding stage presence, in a carefully selected range of neon. The Korg engineers pulled together a very fine balancing act with the Limited Edition Neon Kross2’s. Every colourway of these limited workstations manages to be neon yet subtle, adding pop and a class edge to an already very powerful synthesizer.

With more power under the hood, looks won’t be the only reason for heads to turn. The sound engine is capable of anything your imagination can dream up, there are more presets (1075) and more polyphony (120 voices) that deliver class-leading sounds. Coupled with a new sampling engine, sample pads, and sequencer allow for intuitive playability and workflow and the result is a powerful production tool,  loaded into a svelte, eye-catching chassis that weighs in at under 5kgs.

The Kross 2 is the go-to workstation for songwriters, composers on the road, gigging musicians. With this in mind the Neon’s don’t just add colour to the Kross2, the strengths already present in the Kross range have been built upon. The Korg Kross2 Neon Red is geared for more music, more volume & more style. These battery operated beasts have been loaded with additional PCM, containing specialty pre-installed piano and electric piano sounds, as well as synth and drum sounds that meet the needs of cutting edge EDM producers.

The power to bring your music to life;

There is a lot more Korg Kross2 Neon Red than its 61 lush keys, the synth has what it takes to bring your music to life.

An in-built 16-track MIDI sequencer; an Electribe-derived step sequencer, powerful arpeggiator, and a drum track for you to play along with. All powerful tools.

There are sampling functions that are playable with the 16 pads. trigger samples or full audio tracks. The stereo audio recorder will record your performances or pair with included mic input to make overdubbing vocals or other sources a really simple and intuitive process, all saved directly to your SD card.

Plus the USB MIDI interface functionality and the USB audio interface will connect your Kross 2 to Mac or Windows and your DAW of choice for recording. There is iPad or iPhone functionality also.

Korg has built the Kross2 Neon Red Workstations for the modern day creator and without compromise on any of the amazing features or affordability that has made the Kross2 a staple in studios everywhere. Powerful attributes that make it appealing to a range of creatives who want something they can make complete tunes with, while not being tied to their studio whether you are on the road, or at the park. Studio producers, of any level, that are after great workhorse sounds (and lots of them), and, pretty much anyone else who wants a lot of technology for not much outlay will go nuts for these Limited Edition Kross2’s.

The design of the Kross2 Neon Red workstation was nailed by the Korg Engineers, these machines are a quality, composing workhorse, that manages to be the most affordable and fully featured contender in the niche. A great bit of kit for the asking price, there are no contenders that can touch the sides of the features, flexibility, and affordability that is packed into these Limited Kross2 Neon Workstations.

Portable Design for the Gigging Musician

• Lightweight (4.5kg) and compact portable workstation
• 61-key, velocity-sensitive keyboard
• Up to seven hours of battery-powered operation from six AA batteries
• Gray/red neon color with a durable rubberized finish
• Rear-panel Korg logo is fully illuminated

Rich Selection of Presets

• 1000+ Preset Sounds
• Wide selection of sound programs covers your needs from live performance to studio production
• 1075 internal sound programs
• Multi-layered pianos, electric pianos, thick strings, and more
• Drum kits, including EDM grooves
• 120-voice polyphony

Built-In Expansion PCM Memory

• 128MB of built-in expansion PCM memory
• Expandable with optional libraries as they become available (available separately)

EDS-i Sound Engine with Effects

• High-quality EDS-i Enhanced Definition Synthesis-integrated sound engine
• 134 effects, including delay, reverb, amp modeling, vintage effect units, vocoder, and more
• Use a total of seven effect units simultaneously, with five inserts and two masters

Sampling Function and Pad Sampler

• Sampling function provides 16 playable pads
• Record the input from the Line In jack and assign it to any pad as a stereo sample of up to 14 seconds
• Up to four pads can be triggered simultaneously
• Edit sample waveforms using functions such as Start/End loop point settings or Normalize
• Resample within Kross 2 to perform extensive sampling without requiring any additional equipment
• Long audio files from an SD card can also be assigned to the pads

User-Friendly Layout with a Real-Time Control Section

• Directly control the main parameters without having to navigate through a menu hierarchy
• Provides real-time control of the sounds, effects, and simple editing functions
• Use the knobs to quickly control the vocoder settings, or adjust the tempo of the arpeggiator and sequencer

Favorites Function

• Register frequently used programs and combinations, and recall them at a single touch
• 128 favorite locations
• Ideal for live players who need quick access to a specific set of sounds on stage

Quick Layer/Split

• Layer two sounds or assign separate sounds to the left and right regions of the keyboard
• Dedicated Layer/Split button

Category Dial

• Helps you quickly find the sounds you’re looking for among the large selection of presets
• Choose the general type of sound, such as piano or organ, and then make your selection quickly and efficiently

Audio Player/Recorder

• Built-in stereo audio recorder lets you record your Kross 2 performance, or overdub an external input source such as vocals
• Pad Audio Play function enables you to assign recorded sounds or audio files imported from an external source, to each of the 16 pads for playback
• Strike a pad to play back the backing of an entire song while you perform on the keyboard
• Use the pads to trigger sound effects or background music
• Allows extended recording and playback that is limited only by the capacity of the SD card

Sequencer; 16-Track MIDI Sequencer

• Sequencer records your keyboard performance and controller movements as MIDI data
• Allows you to record your pad sampler performance
• Ideal for recording musical ideas or sketching songs

Step Sequencer

• Use the 16 pads to intuitively and quickly create original rhythm patterns with up to 64 steps

Drum Track

• Choose from 772 preset drum patterns in a wide variety of styles
• Add rhythm to your performance simply by pressing a button


• Helps spark your imagination and generate song ideas
• Simply hold down keys to create rhythmic chords, bass phrases, or guitar strumming

Microphone Input/Line Input/Vocoder

• Mic input with 1/4″ TS phone jack lets you plug a dynamic mic directly in the keyboard
• Eliminates the need for a separate mixer when performing live
• Built-in vocoder function—easily perform vocoder sounds with quick access via the real-time control section
• Line input with 1/8″ stereo mini jack, for connecting your audio player or for sampling

USB Audio/MIDI Interface

• Connect the Kross 2 to your Mac or Windows computer and enjoy DAW recording
• The Korg Module (available separately) sound module app can be used as an external sound module played from the Kross 2
• Perform along with the backing of tracks you created using the Korg Gadget DAW app (available separately)
• Dedicated Kross2 Editor and Plug-In Editor (free downloads, available separately) let you edit while viewing numerous parameters at a glance on your computer or allow you to use the Kross 2 as a software synthesizer from within your DAW


In a nutshell, the Korg Kross2 Neon Red is loaded with;

1000+ preset sounds

120 voices of polyphony

134 effects

A Sequencer

A Sampler

Arpeggiator & 

Drum track 

A USB audio interface

128MB of built-in expansion PCM memory for optional sound libraries as they become available (available separately).

Plus, it runs on six AA batteries, as well as its AC Adapter.


Lightweight, battery operated, sonic powerhouses.

A no brainer if you are looking for a workstation to help you get your ideas out, now.

  • Great-feeling 61-key synth-action keybed
  • Pro-quality EDS-i sound engine built-in, with a total of seven effects available simultaneously
  • 1075 killer presets, including amazing piano, EP, and drum patches
  • 120 voices of polyphony eliminates note stealing
  • Many sounds utilize twice as much PCM memory as previous instruments
  • Powerful sampling engine and sample trigger pads
  • Ideal for a broad range of musical styles
  • Extremely lightweight (under 10 pounds); may be powered by 6 AA batteries
  • Ideal for a broad range of musical styles
  • Sound Selector makes it easy to find the sound you’re looking for
  • Favorites function lets you register 64 sounds or audio songs for one-touch access during gigs
  • External input jacks let you connect a mic or external audio source
  • Quick Layer/Split function for on-the-fly versatility
  • Stereo audio recorder allows you to record and overdub your performances and vocals
  • Step sequencer inherited from the Electribe
  • Onboard 16-track MIDI sequencer, drum track, and arpeggiator
  • Connects to your computer via USB for plug-in integration with your favorite DAW
  • Stylishly distinctive red and black two-tone design looks great onstage
  • Kross2 Editor and Plug-In Editor may be downloaded from the Korg website


Sound Engine Type(s): EDS-i (Enhanced Definition Synthesis-integrated)

Number of Keys: 61

Type of Keys: Synth-weighted

Other Controllers: 1 x Pitchbend, 1 x Mod Wheel

Polyphony: 120 Notes (Single Mode), 60 Notes (Double Mode)

Wave Memory: 128MB

Number of Presets: 496 multisamples, 1014 drumsamples

Number of Effects: 134

Effects Types: Various

Arpeggiator: Yes

Audio Playback: 1/8-Inch (Stereo)

Sequencer: 16-track

Audio Inputs: 1 x 1/4-Inch (Mic), 1 x 1/8-Inch (Line)

Audio Outputs: 2 x 1/4-Inch TS, 1/8-Inch (Headphones)

USB: 1 x Type B


Pedal Inputs: 1 x Damper, 1 x Assignable Switch, 1 x Assignable Pedal

Dimensions: 935 × 269 x 88 mm

Weight: 3.8 kg


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