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Gravity GSSPWBSet1

The Gravity GSSPWBSET1 is a high quality speaker stand with a round cast iron base. Perfect for gigs and events that don’t give you much space to set up.

Designed with a smaller footprint than conventional tripods this heavy-duty speaker stand can fit in tight spaces without jeopardising your support. And features a 35 mm steel pole with unbreakable steel collar for extra stability and strength. Its ergonomic screw knob and safety pin set allow for easy and secure height adjustment. And its capable of extending from 1.05m to 1.8 m in 7.5 cm increments.

This is the ideal stand for your PA speakers, supporting most 10″ & 12″ models. The GSSPWBSet1 also includes a  heavy, low-profile 9 kg cast iron base with additional 5 kg weight plate provides a secure footing and increased stability.

  • Heavy-duty steel and cast iron construction
  • Small footprint
  • Unbreakable collar for secure height adjustment
  • 1.8 m maximum height
  • Circular 9kg base with additional 5kg weight for extra stability (removable)


Product Type: speaker stand

Material: die-cast iron (base), steel (speaker pole)

Colour: black

Finish: powder coating

Pole Diameter: 35 mm

Bottom Thread: M20

Min. Heigth: 1.05 m

Max. Height: 1.8 m

Dimensions: 350 x 350 x 1050 mm

Weight: 14 kg (including 5kg weight)


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