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Gravity GSP5522B

The Gravity GSP5522B is a unique tripod stand that doubles as Speaker stand or lighting stand. This classic tripod stand is made from thick walled, yet lightweight, powder coated steel tubing with a load capacity of 30 kg. Featuring an extension pole that can be attached to give you a max height of 3m, perfect for a lighting T-bar.

The die-cast aluminium leg collar has been completely redesigned to provide superior durability and longevity. The unbreakable height adjustment collars are made of steel for additional strength featuring safety pins to securely lock the extensions in place.

The ergonomic set screw knobs are made from high grade ABS with a soft touch, non-slip thermoplastic coating for comfortable handling.A set of black coding rings is included with the GSP5522B, additional ring packs are available in a wide array of colours for instant personalisation.

  • Solid and durable tripod construction
  • Suitable as a lighting or speaker stand
  • Ultra strong 35mm steel tubing
  • Heavy-duty diecast aluminium leg collar
  • Dual extensions
  • 3 m maximum height
  • Black ring set included


Product type: speaker stand

Tubing Material: steel

Steel Tube Colour: black

Tube Surface: powder coating

Max. Height: 3m

Height Adjustment: set screw and safety pin

Height Adjustment Collar: steel

Extensions: 2

Base: tripod

Base Collar: diecast aluminium

Pole Diameter: 35 mm  M10, male

Max. Load: 30 kg

Weight: 6.3 kg



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