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Chauvet DJ Geyser P6 Coloured Smoke Machine 1610W Product Detail >>

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Chauvet DJ Geyser P6

If you are looking for a unique addition to your live sets, the Chauvet DJ Geyser P6 is the perfect product for you. This vertical smoke machine adds an extra element of pizzazz to your show, alluding to a simpler time when every DJ would have 4-foot high plumes of flame shooting up from either side of their decks. Additionally, DJ City are including a free 5L bottle of Magic Mist’s geyser fluid in this pack for a limited time only; so pick up yours while stocks last!


The Chauvet DJ Geyser P6 is the new and improved compact vertical smoke machine with pyrotechnic like effect. Firing a pillar of coloured smoke that creates an amazing visual effect, the compact machine uses six 7W Penta-colour (RGBA+UV) LEDs that colour the smoke. Additionally, an impressive 1610W heating element allows the machine to deliver an impressive 17,000 ft³/min output. Perfect for venues, stages, parties, and any event that you need an extra special effect. The Geyser P6 is supplied with a wireless remote that not only allows you to trigger the machine wirelessly; but also assign up to 4 colour combination on the 4 buttons for fast and easy dynamic effects. The Geyser units also support DMX control, allowing you to incorporate it into larger lighting shows and create even more stunning effects. For full description and specs of the Geyser-P6, please follow the link below:

Chauvet DJ Geyser P6


The Magic Mist GMM-5 Geyser Fluid was designed specifically as a quick dissipating smoke fluid for vertical smoke machines. This product is 100% Australian and is manufactured by AVE at the Dandenong facility in Victoria. To learn more about this fluid and to find full MSDS, please follow the link below:

GMM-5 Fluid

  • Pyrotechnic-like effect without the use of any toxic chemicals, fire or heavy CO2 canisters
  • New penta-color LED RGBA+UV for beautiful color mixing
  • Achieve precise timing with instant on/off technology
  • Control the unit from built-in DMX, included Geyser remote control, or Manual control
  • Mount the unit upside down for an even more dramatic look
  • Digital Display allows for easy configuration even in a fast paced environment
  • Assign different colors to each of the Geyser remote control buttons
  • Increase mounting options with vertical or horizontal mounting capabilities
  • Supplied with 5 litres of Fast Dissipating Smoke Fluid


For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website.