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Gemini MDJ-600 DJ Starter Pack

The Gemini MDJ-600 DJ Starter Pack is the perfect package for anyone aspiring to become a DJ. Comprising of a 2-channel Gemini MM1 DJ Mixer for mixing and cueing, and 2x Gemini MDJ-600 media players that support USB, CD, and Virtual DJ (via computer) to suit your playback style. The system is easy to navigate and uses an industry standard layout so there are no problems when you use another system. Simply plug in your music USBs and you’re ready to start DJing.

Gemini MDJ-600

The Gemini MDJ-600 is a compact professional DJ player/controller. Designed to give you the flexibility of playing from CD, USB jump drives, or from your computer, while maintaining a natural ‘hands-on’ control. Featuring a large 4.3″ full-colour screen that provides real-time visual feedback of your tracks. Full track information including Title, Time, BPM, and Pitch are clearly displayed alongside the precise full-size waveform window. Also included are the Slip Mode, Hot Cues and active Loops for added performance and versatility. Meaning you can confidently use scratches or hot cues without ruining your mix. Plus, the 100mm pitch fader allows for easy tempo and pitch changes with ranges from 4% to 100%; you’ll mix with surgical precision.

Gemini MM1

With two line-level RCA inputs and a master RCA output, the MM1 provides all the necessary connections. For crafting a customized sound, this mixer boasts 2-band rotary EQ on each channel, allowing you to artfully blend the lows and highs of your tracks. And individual Gain Control gives you even greater command when crafting your mix. The MM1 also features a 1/4″ Microphone Input with dedicated Volume Control.

The MM1’s Headphone Volume lets you adjust the levels heard through the 1/4″ headphone out without changing the overall mix. Using the features to preview your mix helps ensure it sounds tight and professional for your audience.

  • Full-featured CD/USB media player with 4.3”colour screen and onboard search and analysis
  • 5” high-resolution touch platter, 4 hot cues per track
  • Manual and BPM-based auto looping
  • 100 mm pitch fader and adjustable pitch ranging from 4% – 100% to mix with surgical precision
  • Slip mode to use scratches or hot cues without ruining the mix
  • Multiple platter modes: Reverse play, vinyl, and stutter cue
  • MIDI mode turns MDJ-600 into a complete controller with on-screen deck info* (*in Virtual DJ)
  • Professional mixer with 3-band EQ and gain on each channel
  • Two-line stereo channels


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