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Focal Shape Twin Pair

The Focal Shape Twin Pair is the standard bearer of the Shape series featuring two passive radiators, woofers equipped with a new Flax cone, and the latest “M”-shaped Aluminium/Magnesium inverted dome tweeter. Perfect weapon of mass production for professionals.

Shape Twin is made in France, just like Shape 40, 50 and 65. Designed to meet the needs of nearfield monitoring, these monitors combine an ingenious design and numerous settings optimised for the acoustics of small listening rooms. Shape Twin stands out through its excellent rendering over the whole audio spectrum, its broad frequency response in the low end, and its high SPL considering its size. The compact design makes it easy to integrate even into the most cramped of rooms. Finally, its 2.5-way design gives it a real advantage when it comes to controlling the bass and lower mid-range registers which are the hardest to control in small rooms.

Shape Twin’s five innovations present a remarkable tonal balance, with very wide and precise stereo imaging. The low frequencies are well defined as well as controlled. The low-mid and mid ranges provide a true neutral sound.

  • Innovative 2.5-way nearfield reference monitor with onboard amplification
  • Perfect for small studios, editing suites, music composition workstations, and mixing studios
  • Integrated TMD surrounds and dual passive radiators increase low-frequency response and harmonic stability
  • Radiators provide flexible low-frequency tuning and depth that hold up even when positioned near walls
  • Dual 5″ glass-/flax-/glass-fiber speaker cones deliver extreme mid- and low-frequency definition with minimal distortion
  • Innovative M-shaped aluminum-magnesium inverted dome tweeter offers amazing neutrality below 6kHz
  • Redefined speaker housing offers even horizontal and vertical dispersion with decreased directionality for broad sweet spot
  • Extremely stable Neutral Inductance Circuit (N.I.C.) offers an optimized crossover and reduced harmonic distortion/intermodulation between speakers
  • Precision amplification includes high- and low-frequency shelving and adjustable crossover for room-specific tuning
  • Includes dedicated highpass filter to accommodate specific subwoofer arrangements


Powered: Yes

Power Configuration: Tri-amped, 2.5-way

LF Driver Size: 5″ woofer

LF Driver Type: Flax sandwich cone

MF Driver Size: 5″ woofer

MF Driver Type: Flax sandwich cone

HF Driver Size: 1″ tweeter

HF Driver Type: M-shaped Aluminum-Magnesium inverted dome

LF Driver Power Amp: 80W

MF Driver Power Amp: 80W

HF Driver Power Amp: 50W

Total Power: 210W Class AB

Frequency Response: 40Hz-35kHz

Maximum Peak SPL: 110.5 dB SPL @ 1m

Input Types: 1 x XLR, 1 x RCA

Enclosure Type: Ported

Enclosure Material: 15mm Medium-Density Fiberboard with Natural Walnut Vaneer

Dimensions: 478 x 211 x 279 mm

Weight: 11 kg


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