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EARasers Canister Silver

The EARasers Canister Silver is a high quality carry case designed to fit your EARasers earplugs. Made from high quality Aluminium the case is super strong, and crush proof while remaining surprisingly lightweight. Designed to attach easily to your keys to ensure that your earplugs are always in reach. Another great feature of the canister its water tight seal that help to further protect your earplugs. This is a must have for any musician, DJ, or audio professional with a set or EARasers earplugs.

The EARasers Canister is also available in a variety of other colours including; red, blue, green, purple, gold, pink, and orange.

  • Designed to keep your EARasers safe
  • Crushproof key ring case design
  • Made from high grade aluminium
  • Waterproof



Material: Aluminium

Colour: Silver


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