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Procell AA Batteries Bulk Pack

The Procell AA Batteries Bulk Pack is a 144 piece bulk pack of the popular Procell AA. Trusted by industry professionals for their reliability, performance, and great value. Made using high-quality manufacturing and materials, including Super Conductive Graphite technology in the cathode, Procell batteries provide long-lasting power and outstanding performance.

Each battery is tested for voltage and leakage before release to ensure dependable power even after up to seven years of storage. And they can operate in temperature extremes between -20°C and +54°C.


  • Long lasting and reliable power source
  •  Ideal for anywhere where batteries must be frequently replaced
  • 7 year storage guaruntee
  • Operate in a wide range of temperature


Chemistry: Alkaline

Size: AA

Output Voltage: 1.5 V

Storage Life: 7 years

Storage Temperature: -20 to 35°C

Operating Temperature: -20 to 54°C


For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website.